Why Slatted Bed Base?

Do you want the best sleeping sensation with unsurpassed quality? Try sleeping on our latex mattress and adjustable slatted bed base combination! You will wake up feeling fresher than ever. Not only is the mattress important in supporting your body, the bed base is equally important. Both work together as a whole to create maximum comfort and support.

What is a slatted bed base?
Slatted bed base is a base to put the mattress on; it is made of slats (planks of wood) attached to Hytrel or rubber holders in the frame. There are two kinds of slatted bed base:

  • sprung slatted bed base: the slats are curved and flexible.
  • fixed slatted bed base: the slats are straight and fixed (more common in Asia).

At European Bedding, we offer even a better solution: the adjustable sprung slatted bed base. Ergonomically designed, the slats can be adjusted according to your preference, providing you the support and comfort needed. Besides giving stable support to your spine, adjustable sprung slatted bed bases also give great ventilation to your mattress. This is particularly suitable for hot climate places like Singapore.

Slatted Bed Base Firm Feel Slatted Bed Base Soft Feel
Adjusted For Firmer Feel Adjusted For Softer Feel

Here are the main benefits of our adjustable sprung slatted bed base:

  • Very good back support. The slats adapt to weight exerted to them, providing you with the right amount of support.
  • Adjustable comfort. The slats have customizable systems that can be adjusted according to individual preference.
  • Excellent pressure distribution for a good blood circulation.
  • Great ventilation. Slats bases allow air to pass freely beneath your bed, keeping your mattress fresher longer.
  • Natural, made of beech wood.

Check out our adjustable slatted bed base video for further explanation.

In Singapore, the most common bed base is a divan bed, a mattress on a piece of plank. This kind of bed base doesn’t give any added value to the sleeper; you only depend on the comfort of the mattress. At European Bedding, we go beyond just the mattress. We explore further and offer you a complete sleeping system.

  Divan Bed Base Fixed Slatted Bed Base Adjustable Slatted Bed Base
Air circulation  

Sprung slatted bed bases work in harmony with your body and mattress. Releasing its pressure sensitive qualities, your entire body gets the perfect support and stability all night long. In fact, latex mattresses should ideally be used together with sprung slatted bed bases in order to get the greatest benefit from the multiple properties of these natural bedding systems.

Adjustable Slatted Bed Base With Latex Mattress

A Combination Of Adjustable Slatted Bed Base With Latex Mattress Offers Excellent Body Support And Comfort

It was also mentioned in the news that latex mattress combined with slatted bed base provides the best sleeping experience: Bijlage de Standaard

Contact us now if you have further enquiry about our slatted base. We would gladly assist you!

Flexible slat bed bases are the ideal base type if one suffers from partner disturbance because they have individual sides. When one partner is turning, only the slats below him will move, the other side remains unmoved. Also if partners have different preferences in feel or are different weights or shapes the sides can be personalized for feel and support.

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