Using An Adjustable Slatted Bed Base With A Latex Mattress
If you're looking at buying a latex mattress you should put a little thought into the surface on which you're putting the mattress. Are you planning on putting your new mattress on an old base? This might work if you have a really good base, but be aware that if your old base sags then the mattress will too. Even the highest quality of mattress will be affected by the base upon which you put it. In other words, a good base will make the mattress perform better; a bad base will make the mattress perform worse.

A latex mattress with an adjustable slatted bed base is considered by many to be the ultimate sleeping system.

What is an adjustable slatted bed base?
A slatted bed base is a base made of horizontal slats which have a slight upward curve for natural springiness. The slats are most usually made of beech and are embedded in the frame. 

An adjustable slatted bed base is much better for you than a regular slatted bed base. It can be used as a stand-alone or mounted on top of a bed frame. The adjustability refers to the ability to change the level of springiness for a softer, medium or firmer feel in some or all of the slats. This adjustability is usually achieved by means of sliding a small bracket along the slat to the desired spot. Thus one slat can be adjusted to feel more soft or firm than another slat. It is typically the slats in the lumbar zone which are able to be adjusted, while the others remain at an average springiness setting. 

The reason an adjustable slatted bed base is considered a superior sleep option is because of the ability of the slats to 'take the strain' of the mattress. Such a bed base offers natural springiness to complement your mattress, and results in unparalleled comfort for you.

Benefits Of Using An Adjustable Slatted Bed Base With Latex Mattress

Benefits of using an adjustable slatted bed base with a latex mattress
The ultimate in comfort - when you put a latex mattress on top of an adjustable slatted bed base, you have the ideal sleep system for comfort. It's so relaxing that you will wonder why you never tried it before. 

The natural bounciness of the slatted bed base will make your latex mattress feel even more amazing. Indeed, many with back pain or other musculoskeletal issues find that this mattress and base are the ideal combination for them. 

Air flow - an adjustable slatted bed base allows for proper airflow under your mattress, unlike flat surface bases. This is an important advantage for any mattress, but especially so for latex mattresses. You may be wondering why. The reason is that latex mattresses have a lot of pinholes stamped into them to allow excellent airflow. If you place that hygienic well-ventilated mattress on top of a flat surface, then your latex mattress will lose a good portion of its ventilation. 

The air flow in your latex mattress is not solely for hygiene purposes, but also for your comfort. The slats in a slatted bed base allow the mattress pinholes do the job of keeping your latex mattress comfortably cool all the time.

Warranty - did you know that some latex mattresses are designed to 'go with' certain bed bases for improved comfort and durability?  This allows the customer to have the perfect sleeping system. Because of this, most warranties for latex mattresses will not cover any problems caused by a different base. By the same token, damage to a new bed base from an existing mattress is also not covered in most bed warranties.

Therefore in terms of getting the most value out of your warranty, it can be a great idea to buy a new product-matched base with a latex mattress.

Durability - an adjustable slatted bed base is highly durable. So if you're buying a new mattress anyway, why not buy a new base? That way you won't have to be bothered halfway during the mattress cycle by discomfort from your old bed base. If you buy both at once, you have the satisfaction of knowing you have highly durable products that will last you for many, many years. 

Natural origin of product - if you enjoy products of natural origin without harmful chemicals, then you'll love an adjustable slatted bed base made from beech wood. From that point of view, why purchase  an all-natural 100% latex mattress if you're planning to put it on top of a synthetic box spring base? 

Benefits Of Latex Mattress And Adjustable Slatted Bed Base

Why an adjustable slatted bed base is the ideal companion for a latex mattress
Since comfort is what you're seeking anyway in a new mattress purchase, why not add further to that comfort by seeking the best bed base to go with it?  Some bedding stores may even offer a special package deal or price if you get both the latex mattress and an adjustable bed base together instead of buying them separately. And in purchasing an adjustable slatted bed base, you'll reap additional benefits beyond your increased comfort. Examples of these are: proper air flow for hygiene and coolness, obtaining added value from your warranty, and having a longer-lasting and all-natural sleeping system. Your sleep and comfort is well worth the extra cost.

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