Best Sleep Solutions For Shoulder Pain
Do you suffer from shoulder pain? If so, you already know how hard it can be to get proper sleep at night. All too often, shoulder pain can prevent you from getting to sleep or staying asleep. Here are some great tips to improve your sleep quality if you have shoulder problems.
Shoulder pain to avoid sleeping on the front
1. Avoid sleeping on your front.
It may be tempting to sleep on your front thinking that you are keeping pressure off your sore shoulder. Unfortunately, sleeping on your front will pull your shoulder forward out of alignment and not keep a stable position. Instead, sleep on your back - this keeps your shoulder in good stable alignment.
2. Use these tips if you sleep on your side.
If sleeping on your back isn't working for you, then try a side sleeping position on the opposite side of your body to your bad shoulder. In this situation, use a pillow to help your sore shoulder. Place the pillow in the underarm area of your painful shoulder.
3. Use good support for your head.
You'll need a pillow under your head to keep your upper body in proper alignment. This helps keep your shoulder as comfortable as possible. Consider adding a small rolled up towel under the neck area for extra support.
4. Use a body pillow.
If movement during sleep is painful or wakens you, using a full-length body pillow may be the ticket to a restful night for you. This prevents you from moving around onto your sore shoulder, yet is quite comfortable.
5. Don't be afraid of trying different sleep tips and positions.
If a particular sleep position worked for you for a while but no longer does, then consider trying something else. Use the other tips above as good starting points. It's been shown that sleeping in one consistent position every time can actually cause shoulder pain in and of itself. Consistent sleep positions can cause compression and/or cramping in certain areas of the body, creating a postural imbalance which over time results in pain. Of course, if you have found a great sleep position for your sore shoulder, there is no need to vary it just for the sake of varying it. It's when this sleep position no longer works well for you that you should start trying out new options.
Consider a latex mattress for shoulder pain
Latex mattress recommended by chiropractor
Latex mattresses are known for their ability to promote natural spinal alignment. Latex is a luxurious all-natural type of foam made from the sap of the rubber tree. Its inbuilt springiness supports the spine and joints extremely well. Latex mattresses are among those which are strongly recommended by osteopaths and chiropractors. 
Be aware that shoulder pain can arise from many different causes. So, as with any type of joint pain, it's important to remember that there will be no one type of mattress which is certain to relieve pain in all sufferers. 
But if you have not already tried a latex mattress and you suffer from shoulder pain, this would therefore be the ideal time to visit a showroom to test one out. It will cost you nothing to lie down on one in a showroom. If a latex mattress offers you relief then you are a huge step forward in finding a solution for your night time pain. Those in Singapore can test out a latex mattress in the European Bedding showroom there, a premium bedding shop. Do remember to allow yourself sufficient time to actually lie down properly and give yourself a chance to see how your shoulder is doing on the mattress.
A latex mattress is yielding initially, yet offers firm support, aligning your spine properly and giving welcome rest and ease to your joints. Many people love the way a latex mattress is so comfortable and restful - even those who do not suffer from any type of joint problem. So give your shoulder the best chance you can, and look into whether a latex mattress is right for you.
If you suffer from shoulder pain, try some of the sleep position tips above for a better sleep. Pain can be very disruptive to sleep, leading to further discomfort during the daytime. A better sleep position can make a huge difference and deliver welcome relief from night time discomfort. Of course, if pain is severe or persists, it's important to consult a medical professional. 
And in addition to changing your sleep position, you might also benefit from a latex mattress. Its positive effects on spinal alignment may give you much-needed comfort and rest at night. Try one out to see if this is an option for you.

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