How To Choose The Best Mattress For Couples
If you sleep with a partner, you may be wondering if it's possible to get a mattress which lets you both sleep in comfort. The answer is yes!  Here we'll examine what you need to know about getting the right mattress for both of you.
No partner disturbance
No partner disturbance video
One of the most important things in a mattress is to ensure there is no partner disturbance. In other words, when one moves, the other partner should not be able to feel it. If your mattress transmits movement from your partner, you'll be in for a restless night!
The type of mattress you have will play a big role in the amount of partner disturbance. For example, a waterbed transmits movement greatly, making it a poor choice if you sleep with a partner. On the other hand, latex is one of the most highly recommended types of mattresses for its lack of partner disturbance. Movement on one side of the bed is not felt easily from the other side when you and your partner sleep on a latex mattress. Furthermore, latex is known to be one of the most comfortable types of mattresses on the market! You'll both enjoy the wonderful relaxation of a latex mattress.
Allow plenty of space
If there isn't enough space for both people to move without bumping into each other, then you simply won't get a good night's sleep. One person's movements will awaken the other via the physical contact. This is still true even if your mattress does not transmit movement easily. 
So ideally, a couple should always sleep on a king size mattress to ensure sufficient space. However, if the room dimensions would feel cramped with a king size, then a queen size mattress is the next best alternative.
Different firmness for each mattress side
Customized firmness levels of the mattress
What do you do if one partner wants a firmer mattress and the other person wants a softer mattress?  The good news is that this is one thing on which you don't have to compromise!  With most mattress companies, you can only select one level of firmness. But here at European Bedding Singapore, you can pick two different levels of firmness, one for each person. A king size latex mattress can be made of two units of 90 x 200 cm blocks which are enclosed in a single king size mattress cover of 180 x 200 cm. This way the couple can therefore choose two different firmness levels, for example the husband may prefer a firm mattress while the wife prefers a medium mattress. 
An alternative option for couples is to use two separate single size mattresses of 90 x 200 cm each side by side. In this situation, each single mattress would be enclosed in its own cover.
At European Bedding Singapore, we are able to customize our mattresses to any sizes the customer requires.
Customized firmness levels of the base
Don't forget about the bed base when it comes to customizing your firmness level! Here at European Bedding Singapore, we offer adjustable sprung slatted bases. Each half of the base can be adjusted separately to conform to the needs of each person. This is done in two different ways: firstly, you can change the firmness of each slat holder, and secondly, you can change the firmness of the lumbar zone slats themselves. 
Such a bed base which is adjustable separately on each side is ideal for couples. This bed base does more than simply allowing each person their customized fit. It also allows for temporary changes or changes over time. For example, suppose the wife is temporarily suffering from a back pain, but the husband feels well. The husband can keep his side of the bed as it is, but the wife's side of the bed base can be adjusted for a firmer level of firmness to keep her more comfortable. After she recovers, her side of the bed base can be set to its previous level of firmness to give her the correct level of back support.
The best mattress for couples is a latex mattress due to its lack of partner disturbance. It also has the added bonus of being extremely comfortable. No matter which mattress you use or what company you buy it from, couples should ideally buy a king size mattress to allow sufficient space for restful sleep.
Many couples are happily surprised to find out that they don't have to compromise on the firmness levels when they buy from European Bedding! Since the king size mattress can be made of two latex blocks side by side, this means that each person can pick their own level of firmness. 
European Bedding’s adjustable slatted bed base also allows each person to customize the firmness level of their side of the bed base. This adds extra fine-tuning options for each individual. 
If you sleep with a partner, you'll love our products and our showroom. We enjoy the privilege of helping couples find the perfect combination of mattress and base for them - without anyone needing to compromise!

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