Why Is It Best To Purchase Latex Mattress From A Specialty Shop
A common mistake is to try to shop for a latex mattress in a mainstream bedding store. You may have seen one or two latex mattresses in mainstream bedding shops, but for the most part latex mattresses can be quite hard to find in regular mattress stores. Here we'll find out why it's best to purchase from a shop specializing in latex mattresses.
A wide range of latex mattresses are available in a specialty mattress store
Types of latex blend
Would you buy an innerspring mattress from a showroom which stocked only one or two of these mattresses in total?  Most likely not - and by the same token, if you want a wide range of latex mattresses for you to try out, you can only expect to find that at a store specializing in latex mattresses
In a specialty latex mattress shop, you'll find many different types of latex, to begin with. You can decide between a blend of synthetic and natural latex, or 100% natural latex, or even organic 100% natural latex. This distinction is important to many customers. For example, if environmental concerns are very important to you, then you may be exclusively seeking organic latex mattresses - something which few if any mainstream bedding shops will stock. At European Bedding Singapore, you can find blended (natural and synthetic mix) latex mattresses in the EB brand, 100% natural latex mattresses in the Belatex brand, and 100% organic natural in the Heveya brand. You won't find all those in a mainstream mattress store.
Secondly, there is the rather fun and exciting decision of the correct firmness level for you. For this you'll need to lie down and try out the various firmness levels for the latex mattress model(s) in which you're interested. You can readily expect to find each of these different comfort levels in a showroom specializing in latex mattresses - but not in a mainstream mattress shop. Finding out the best level of firmness for you is something which is not just enjoyable but also quite necessary when purchasing a mattress. The widest selection of firmness levels for you to try out will always be at a bedding shop specializing in latex mattresses - not at a mainstream mattress store or department store, no matter how big the mainstream store is.
Thirdly, you'll also be able to try out single-layer versus multi-layer latex mattresses at a specialty latex mattress shop - yet another enjoyable decision. Multiple latex layers can be customized with different firmness levels to give you personalized comfort. However, a single layer latex mattress can work perfectly too if it happens to be at just the right comfort level for you. You'll have the opportunity to try this all out at a specialty latex mattress shop - but not at a mainstream mattress shop whose stock may not include these various options.
The price may be even more attractive in a latex mattress specialty shop
Some shoppers make the mistake of thinking that a latex mattress will be pricier at a specialty mattress shop, so they will try to buy one from a mainstream store. This is a common misconception. 
In fact, you may find that your latex mattress may even be priced slightly cheaper at a specialty mattress shop because they buy more of these in volume, allowing them to set cheaper prices. The specialty latex shop can also have stronger business relationships with the manufacturing brands of latex mattresses, allowing the specialty shop to secure better deals for you.
Knowledgeability of staff
At a showroom specializing in latex mattresses, another advantage is that the staff will be highly knowledgeable about the various latex products being offered. They will fully understand differences between different latex mattress brands, the different firmness levels, the manufacturing process, and so on. You can count on the staff being able to help you determine which type of latex mattress will suit you best. 
Not only are they highly knowledgeable in this area, but the staff are also genuinely interested in latex mattresses and in your comfort. The staff in a specialty shop will not be trying to 'upsell' you or give you a 'hard sell' because a lot of the latex mattresses have similar pricing to one another. Remember: if most of the mattresses in there have similar prices (unlike a mainstream mattress store) then the specialty store has no incentive whatsoever to try to sell you one mattress over another. You can rest assured that their only concern is to assist you in finding the right mattress for you.
Certifications, a proof of quality
The origin of a latex mattress is also important to most shoppers. The differences between a synthetic blend vs 100% natural vs organic is something that staff at a specialty shop will be knowledgeable about. You can feel free to ask questions here. 
Mattress certification is another area where staff at a specialty bedding shop may be far more knowledgeable than their counterparts at a mainstream store. Many brands and models of latex mattresses have certificates to show that they have passed certain stringent international standards or tests. These tests or inspections are carried out independently by the certifying body, and this tells you the mattress conforms to certain specific requirements. For example, the Eurolatex Eco Standard tells you that the mattress complies with specific environmental criteria. 
At a specialty latex mattress shop, the staff will be only too happy to tell you which mattresses have been awarded which certification(s). They will be able to show you product brochures or other literature to prove that the mattress has a certain certification.
100% latex core is important
If you are buying a latex mattress, it's paramount that what you buy is indeed 100% latex - and not other materials. Beware that mainstream mattress shops may try to sell you a 'latex mattress' whose core turns out to be made of many other materials in addition to latex. In that situation, the latex may be merely a thin layer within other layers made from cheaper materials such as polyurethane (PU) foam, felt, polyester padding, and even spring coils. You may not even feel or experience the comfort of latex at all in that situation.
In contrast, at a specialty latex mattress shop such as European Bedding, you'll be assured of a 100% latex core. Inside all the mattresses at European Bedding you will only find 100% latex by itself. Visit the showroom and have them unzip the mattress cover to show you the core - they will be only too happy to do so. Latex is naturally springy and resilient, and wonderfully relaxing and comfortable. You will be certain to get the full sleeping experience with a mattress from a specialty store. 
If you are considering the purchase of a latex mattress, then you should really visit a mattress shop specializing in latex mattresses. You'll find a wide range of different latex mattresses to try out, knowledgeable staff, and competitive pricing due to strong business relationships with manufacturers. So don't make the mistake of seeking a latex mattress in a mainstream bedding shop: their latex stock is often so limited that it may be impossible to find the right one for you there. 
And after all, one of the best parts of shopping for a latex mattress is the ability to lie down and try out mattresses. At a specialty latex mattress store you will be assured of finding different brands and different firmness levels for you to try. Your shopping experience will not only be successful, but highly enjoyable in the process too!

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