Does Mattress Affect Sleep Quality And Health?
During my usual conversation with customers in the showroom, I am often asked whether the mattress a person is sleeping on can affect one’s sleep quality and health. My answer to them is a big YES, and the best night's sleep you get should be on your own mattress. Yet you may be shocked to find out how often this statement does not apply. 
Beware: 6 signs that your mattress could be taking a toll on your sleep
  • Have you woken up feeling unrested? 
  • Do you sleep better on a different bed, for example at a hotel or a relative's home? 
  • Can you sense lumps, springs, or sagging in your mattress? 
  • Do you have to lie on a particular place in your mattress to get to sleep? 
  • Is it almost as easy for you to fall asleep on the sofa as it is in your own bed?
  • Does your mattress make any sound when you move in bed?
If you have said yes to any of the above questions, then your mattress is robbing you of your sleep health.
Everyone deserves a good night's rest
Your sleep is crucial to your quality of life. In this hectic day and age, there is simply too much to do and not enough time. Yet your body still requires sufficient sleep to regenerate from today and to give you energy for the next day. If you suspect your mattress is delivering you less than stellar sleep health, then it's time for a new mattress. Everyone deserves a good night's rest. There is no need to wait until the situation is so dire that you're simply not comfortable lying in your own bed. 
Don't make the common mistake of confusing quantity of sleep with quality. Quality of sleep is your aim here. For example, if your mattress does not properly support your spine, then even a long night's sleep will not feel particularly restful to you. Worst, if you wake up in the morning experiencing back pain. In contrast, on the perfect mattress, you'll be able to feel fully rested and refreshed - even if it's on less sleep. In that case, just imagine how fantastic a long sleep on the perfect mattress would feel!
What is the perfect mattress?
Everyone is unique and different, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the perfect mattress. There are several factors to consider when selecting which mattress to buy. The most important of these is your comfort. You are the only person who can determine the most comfortable mattress for you, and only by actually lying on it and testing it out. Although you can and should try out the mattress in the showroom, the top reputable mattress bedding stores will also offer you an in-home trial. This is where you can actually test out the mattress for up to 30 days in your own home. If you're not satisfied, the bedding store will change it out for you. The idea here is to be certain that at the end of the process, you will have the perfect mattress for you.
However, before even getting to the point of an in-home trial, you'll want to find out more online or at a bedding store about the different types of mattress materials. They all have different pros and cons, but if it's been a long time since you were last in the market for a mattress, you should be aware that latex is rapidly becoming one of the most highly recommended mattress materials. This is due to its comfort, durability, natural origin (from the sap of the rubber tree), natural mould resistance and allergen resistance. Of course, the choice of mattress type is ultimately up to you. The key point here is that you are in control of regaining your sleep health.
Under every perfect mattress is the perfect base
If budget is an issue for you, then certainly the mattress alone should be your main focus at the moment. However, if you are able to, consider purchasing a new bed base along with a new mattress for the ultimate in sleep health. A mattress will perform to its utmost when placed on a new, good quality bed base. And on the other hand, even the best mattress cannot help but sag if the bed base is sagging.  
In warm humid climates such as Singapore, the European style of adjustable sprung slatted bed base is ideal. This is because the slats allow excellent airflow to maintain the hygiene you desire, while simultaneously offering natural springiness for optimal mattress support and comfort. 
Latex Mattress And Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Combination
Regaining your sleep health
Of course, while the mattress upon which you sleep is certainly one of the most important parts of your sleep health, it is not the only part. You could purchase a new mattress only to stay awake much of the night because you have had a lot of coffee that day, for example. So make sure you exercise sensibly, set a regular bedtime most days when possible, and ensure you have your room sufficiently dark when it's time to sleep.
When you regain your sleep health, you will not only feel better, but actually be healthier. You'll fight off infection better, be more effective at work, and drive more safely. Not only will this increased well-being benefit you, but your improved mood and outlook will also benefit your relationships with others. 
You can't put a price on a good night's sleep. But the best night's sleep you get should be on your own mattress.

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