About Our Principal Latex Mattress Supplier - Latexco Belgium
Customers sometimes ask who our latex supplier is. We are proud to tell them that it is Latexco. 

Latexco is a European firm headquartered in Belgium, with over 50 years of experience in producing latex foam products. Latexco also has an Asia Pacific office located in Singapore to ensure prompt top quality products and service in our area of the world.

If you are considering a new latex mattress, you probably want to know a little more about Latexco.

Latexco factory and production
How long has Latexco been in business?
Latexco has been in business since 1955! That's nearly 60 years of producing latex products. Things have changed a little over the years (the types of latex products, the production process, and so on), but their overall focus has remained the same: high quality latex items. 

Therefore when you buy an item containing latex made by Latexco, you know you are purchasing from a reliable, reputable company with a strong history.

What types of products does Latexco make?
Latexco has always produced latex mattresses and bedding, and this is still true today.

Latexco produces mattress cores, pillow cores and mattress toppers. These are made to a variety of different specifications and options. For example, Latexco mattress cores can be made to virtually any dimensions, including custom dimensions. Different densities and firmness levels are available, as are mono-zone and multi-zone back support for comfort. Latexco carries out careful quality control and testing of all its products as a normal part of its production process to ensure only the best mattresses get to leave the facility.

Latexco's focus is solely on creating bedding products. Therefore you can feel secure that they have the correct knowledge and expertise in place to create the world's most comfortable mattresses, pillows and toppers.

Where is Latexco located?
Latexco has centres in different areas of the world. The headquarters, production and large warehouse are in Belgium. Additional Latexco centres were opened in other parts of the world to meet demand and facilitate high-quality manufacturing and service in these areas. Most of these locations play a role in production and/or distribution, and are located in Singapore, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and the US. In fact, their Asia Pacific office is located right here in Singapore.

This is good news for those of us shopping in Singapore: with Latexco's two centres in the Asia-Pacific region, we do not have lengthy waits for product to come from across the world. Instead, top-notch Latexco products are available to us promptly here with superb service and support.

Is Latexco socially responsible?
Yes, Latexco has a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Some of the steps Latexco has taken already are:
  • Participation in Flemish Covenant Energy Benchmarking. In doing so, Latexco commits itself to meeting the best international standard of energy efficiency of process installations by 2012 - a continuously improving standard.
  • Water consumption and wastewater reduced. Latexco created new water purification techniques in order to re-use waste water: important for environmental responsibility. As a result there has been over 45% reduction of water usage, and over 90% reduction in wastewater discharged. 
  • Scrap latex recycling facility. Scrap latex from production at Latexco is now recycled into a variety of other items such as sports mats and packing materials. This decreases landfill waste.
  • Recycling of used packaging materials. Latexco selectively sorts and recycles used industrial packaging to minimize environmental impact.
  • Socially responsible business culture. In addition to valuing the contributions of its workers, Latexco values community commitment by getting involved in activities that help the local area.
I want real examples: what are some recent achievements and innovations by Latexco?
Types of latex blend
  • Latexco was awarded the Industrial Management Winner Award for its wastewater recycling process in 2005.
  • Latexco has been awarded the following certifications: The Okotex Standard 100, the EuroLATEX ECO-Standard, the LGA certificate, and European Eco-label. These certifications show that Latexco products have been tested by an independent third party and have been found to meet these stringent international criteria. 
  • Sports mattresses are an example of a new product line by Latexco. Latex mattresses designed specifically with the needs of elite athletes in mind have been created. These mattresses have been tested out on real elite athletes to maximize rest, comfort and performance. Latexco sponsors the 'Quick Step' famous cycling team and athletes bring these mattresses along when traveling, for example during the Tour de France . Belgians football team also brought these mattresses to Brazil during the recent 2014 World Cup. These sports mattreses are available at European Bedding in Singapore!
What does this mean for us in Singapore?
If you are in Singapore and want a really tip-top latex mattress, then you need to buy one with a Latexco core. After all, if they are making mattresses for athletes competing at the international level, then you know that they can make a superb quality mattress! 

European Bedding is the main retailer in Singapore which sells Latexco products. You may therefore wish to take a look at the EB showroom to try out these mattresses.

And with European Bedding right here in Singapore and a Latexco office here in Singapore too, you can be assured of the best possible products offered promptly. Latexco has a strong commitment to the Asia Pacific region: its Singapore office opened back in 2001. This long history tells you that Latexco is very serious about the long-term wellbeing of Singaporean customers with their products.

When you buy from European Bedding Singapore, you are buying a high quality mattress with a Latexco core. You are buying from a manufacturer with a strong track record of performance and innovation. All of Latexco products are thoroughly tested and certified before they go on the market.

Your Latexco mattress core comes from a company with a strong history and tradition of European engineering and precision. Combine that with the detailed knowledge, professionalism and warm service of the European Bedding staff in Singapore when you shop, and you'll have great success and enjoyment in finding the prefect mattress for you. You can read our real customers' testimonials, who have benefited from our bedding products and very satisfied with our services.

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