Removable Cover / Washable Cover
As we spend 8 hrs per night on our mattress and lose more than a litre of liquid per night, it is necessary to be able to clean your mattress cover at least once a year. 

This is why all our mattresses come with a removable and cleanable cover. Some of our covers are dry-cleanable, some are washable at 95° Celsius.  Cleaning your mattress gets rid of all bacteria, dust-mites and odours and allows you to sleep in a fresh and hygienic environment

Our covers come with a zipper going all the way around the mattress, so that the two parts can be easily separated and cleanable one by one. The two parts are connected with a mesh like fabric in the middle, which facilitate ventilation during the night. 

Removable covers also allow you to have a look at the inside of our mattress and inspect our quality. This is another reason why we like a zipped cover.  We have nothing to hide, we only use the highest quality materials and are happy for you to have a look inside. 

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