Buy A New Mattress And Make A Difference In Someone's Life
Our Adopted Charity - The Red Pencil Singapore
The Red Pencil Singapore is the adopted charity of European Bedding. The Red Pencil uses art therapy to help children who have been through traumatic situations, for example natural disasters, long term illnesses or conflict zones. For every mattress purchased we donate to The Red Pencil. For a King or Queen mattress we donate $50 to the charity, and $25 for a single size mattress. As the customer, you have the satisfaction of knowing that when you purchase a new mattress from us, you are contributing to a very worthwhile charity.
What is The Red Pencil Singapore?
The Red Pencil Singapore seeks to help traumatized children through art therapy. This has ramifications far beyond the short term. Helping a child deal with trauma now, in childhood, means they can lead productive healthy lives in the future. Laurence Vandenborre, founder of The Red Pencil, emphasizes "When we rescue the child, we save the adult."
What is art therapy?
Art therapy uses the process of creating art to help the person improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being. Art therapy is actually a mental health profession. People of all ages may benefit from art therapy, although through its mission The Red Pencil focuses on children.
Even the most non-verbal of children can be treated via art therapy, setting it apart from many other types of mental health therapies. Before being able to speak or write, children can use colours and pencils to express their feelings. Older children, who can read, write and talk, often find that words are anyway insufficient to express themselves about traumatic situations.
Art therapy is uniquely suited to helping children in trauma. It offers them the opportunity to have some control over a situation which is out of their control. By channelling their feelings into art, these children are able to express their emotions in a safe way.
The art therapist plays an important role in providing a non-judgmental space where children can express their feelings, thoughts and concerns about their sufferings. The fact that the child's feelings are expressed and receives attention results in release and eventually in healing.
The ultimate results of art therapy can make an enormous difference in a child. These benefits tend to be clearly visible to others who are around the child. Examples of such visible benefits in the child are improved self-esteem, inner strength to overcome future challenges, ability to handle its feelings better, ability to express him- or her-self and ask for help when he or she needs it. Together, these qualities enable the child to grow into a capable, emotionally healthy and fully functional adult. 
The Red Pencil - European Bedding Singapore Adopted Charity
Mission of The Red Pencil Singapore
The Red Pencil Singapore actually uses two aims to accomplish its mission. The first is the direct application of art therapy to help children get through traumatic experiences. The charity focuses mainly on dealing with situations which children cannot understand, nor handle, nor over which the children have any control. Some examples of these types of trauma are natural disasters, long term illness, conflict zones and having incarcerated parents. 
A second aim of the charity is to award financial assistance to suitable candidates in Singapore to study art therapy. This assistance may be provided through one or more of several different ways: bursaries, research opportunities, overseas training, and other financial support. These forms of assistance allow suitable candidates in Singapore to study at the prestigious LASALLE College of the Arts for the Masters of Arts program in Art Therapy. Assistance from The Red Pencil is designed for candidates whose financial resources are insufficient to cover the costs of the course at this internationally acclaimed institution.
Overall Red Pencil therefore seeks to help children;
  1. directly through art therapies, and
  2. indirectly through providing professional training for those seeking to become an Art Therapist.
The Red Pencil - European Bedding Singapore Adopted Charity
Buying from a socially responsible shop
You can feel good about a shop's values when it donates money to a worthwhile community cause. And you can feel good about yourself as a consumer when you choose to shop from somewhere which donates in this way.
As an adult, you have some measure of control over your environment: what you buy, where you go, what you do for a living. Children don't have that control. This is actually a good thing in a normal family situation, but unfortunately it also means that children in trauma don't have any way of their own for getting out of the situation or for coping with it. Indeed, the traumatic situations that The Red Pencil Singapore deals with are all situations whose cause is utterly out of the child's control: serious long-term illnesses, natural disasters, and so on. 
When you help a child overcome trauma through The Red Pencil, you know for certain that you are helping someone who literally does not have the means or ability to help themselves. Furthermore, with art therapy treatment that child in turn is able to become a functional adult. Such an adult may choose to help others even more readily because they themselves were helped, making for more harmonious relationships with others.
European Bedding Singapore and The Red Pencil
At European Bedding, Singapore, we enjoy doing our part to help the less fortunate in society. It is gratifying both for us and for you to know that every time a mattress is purchased we will donate to our adopted charity, The Red Pencil. A shop which is sensitive to the community is a shop you can feel comfortable buying from. 
Indeed, when you buy a new mattress at European Bedding, Singapore, it's not only an investment in yourself and your comfort but also an investment in a child in need. 

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