Tim Berrada
I've been looking for the perfect Mattress for quite a while now and came across European Bedding a little by chance. The General manager Thijs was very understanding and accommodating when setting up an appointment.

When my wife and I visited, we were immediately made to feel at ease. Instead of a pushy salesman, we found Thijs to be incredibly knowledgeable and he was more keen to understand our needs than to push the most expensive bedding he had.

We actually had some fun laughs throughout and have not regretted our decision to buy their excellent mattress and pillows.

Thijs - a big thank you from us.


Roger Michelle
We're very pleased with the Heveya mattress that we purchased from European Bedding. It has helped with our back issues and is certainly more comfortable than the premium spring mattress that it replaced. The staff at European Bedding (Thijs in particular) are knowledgeable and very professional. Even the delivery was done very professionally. All in all, a great experience.


Steve Lutz
I recently bought the synthetic medium firmness latex mattress from European bedding and I've been very pleased with the purchase! I was a little worried about latex going in given the comments about heat, but so far the mattress has been much better than my previous spring mattress, and much more comfortable as well.

In addition to the quality of the product, I found Thijs to be very open and honest throughout the purchasing process, coaching me as to what to look out for when buying. I went around Singapore looking at other sellers and came back to EB as I found them to be the most trustworthy.

I would buy again tomorrow, thanks EB!


Clare Yue
We heard of European Bedding from some friend who is in the furniture business. We dropped by the little lovely shop in Tiong Bahru and Thijs was our sales manager.

Thijs was very knowledgable and patient while we were trying on different mattresses and even encouraged us to take more time experiencing.

We were so happy with the products and the services that in the end bought two Heveya mattresses for the new home. On the delivery day, the team showed up on time; the person in charge even brought some wet towel asking the guys to clean their hands before putting mattresses onto the frame. It was so considerate; more than we expected.

I have been sleeping on the mattresses (medium hardness) for almost a month now - a total full score!


Tong Xin
It's been about a month since I slept on this mattress and I think it is definitely worth the money spent.

Although it is fully latex, it can still provide you with adequate support if you choose the firm products. Better than traditional spring coil ones since you can see everything inside, and the price wise also very competitive.

Highly recommended!


Sarah Tang
The bed and pillows have been great!

We've been sleeping well every night and my back doesn't ache as much as before. Our baby, Hannah loves rolling around and sleeping on our bed too.


I’ve had the Heveya + slatted base for about 2 and a half weeks now and I really like the product. It’s firm without being oppressively hard and therefore enables a good night’s (or afternoon’s) rest. Delivery was prompt and professional. So no complaints at all – here’s hoping that the mattress feels as good as it does now a few years’ down the road then you’d really have a winner on your hands! Keep it up!


Tan Bo Rong
When we went to the showroom we were a little late and it was close to their closing time. But nonetheless the person was patient and did not rush us to make decisions. He gave us lots of time to try out the different series and firmness. In the end we bought medium firmness Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress. At the start we find it a bit too firm but now we used it for some time, we don't feel that way anymore. Sleeping on my side used to cause me lots of pain on my shoulder in the morning but now the pain has lessen, and even without AC, I did not find the mattress warm up too much through the night. A great purchase!

Not to also forget that even minute details like the deliver process were well handled by them. They actually had 5 people doing the delivery, with one of them being a lady manager. After removing the plastic cover of the mattress, she would hand each of the delivery staff a wet tissue for them thoroughly clean their hands BEFORE any of them touched the mattress itself to move it onto the bed frame. And during adjustment of the mattress on the bed frame, they had 4 guys lifting and putting the mattress down bit by bit till it is nicely seated in the frame instead of the usual pushing that you get from other furniture shops. So we were assured that we get the mattress in tip-top condition!

Product is great, service is great.


Kelli Lane
European Bedding is by appointment only. They have a good selection of latex mattresses. Not hot to sleep on at all.

The service has been nothing short of outstanding. They are extremely knowledgable and professional. You are treated like a person instead of just getting a sales pitch. We had ample time to make a decision and talk freely. Delivery team did a great job. Overall great experience.

They are now at a new location in Tiong Bahru. Check them out!!


Emie Chu
We bought 2 Heveya matttesses from EB. I can feel my body has a better support. The delivery and installation are excellant. Thanks EB!


Jonathan Stewart
Since buying our organic heveya latex bed and matching pillows some weeks ago my wife and I are sleeping much more soundly. We chose the medium firm as it was the mattress that suited both of us, and we can toss and turn at night without disturbing the other one.

Service in the showroom was excellent and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend European Bedding.


Sylvain & Clare
Thank you for the good service from European Bedding.

The experience of trying the different beds/latex mattresses in the EB house was very relaxed and it was made easy for us to choose very quickly the right bed/mattress combination that suited us, after a few to and fros on the different mattresses. To have an appointment made it more exclusive and relaxed as we were the only customers at that time in the EB house, and we didn't need to feel embarrassed of lying down on the beds in front of others.

Delivery was equally good: fast and smooth process.

Since then I find I had really a good sleep and the bed suits me. My wife took a bit more time to get used to it as she was used to a harder mattress but is now used to it and also finds it comfortable.

The big bonus for us was to know that we were buying quality, a mattress that would last more than 10 years, knowing that the mattress is anti mould/bed-bug, with a long guarantee (10 years!), and we happened to choose a bed frame/mattress, which suited us best in terms of comfort, that was under a big discount at that time.

In summary, I really recommend this product and company to other potential customers considering the quality of the product and service. We think it's better that spring mattresses and competitively priced.


David & Beata
We were looking for a new mattress as we has started to experience back problems with our old one. We considered a coil mattress but after shopping around and trying a few, we weren't convinced. We came across European Bedding when we began to search for a latex mattress. We arranged an appointment with Thijs and went to Grange Road to try out a few.

Thijs was very helpful and kept things simple. We were given all the time we needed and did not feel pressured in any way. After considering Thijs' recommendations, we chose the organic Heveya Latex Mattress, medium firmness and European King size. Delivery occurred within 10 days without problems and our old mattress was taken away as promised. We've had the mattress just over a month now - very satisfied with the quality and a definite improvement on the back problems ! Must mention the latex pillows too - very comfortable.

Overall, in terms of quality, value for money and service, we are very happy and feel we definitely made the right choice - would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good mattress.


Charles Pope
We chose European Bedding because the salesman was knowledgeable and could answer all our questions truthfully with documented evidence to back up his claims. We bought the Heveya organic all natural latex with no foam. All other mattresses we found were either had salesmen that flat out lied about the ingredients of the mattress, or had no documentation from the manufacture to back up their claims.

We are very satisfied with the services. The salesman we spoke to was accommodating and knowledgeable. The deliverymen were fantastic, careful with the product, and accommodating for fitting my bed exactly where I needed it in a tight space.


Lisa Marie Otten Koch
Two years ago I was looking for a custom made mattress for my son’s odd sized bed. It needed to be custom made as the regular size mattrasses available in Singapore did not fit. I also wanted a natural fibre mattress that was breathable and suitable for people with an allergy. Soon my search led me to European Bedding, where I bought a Heveya natural organic latex mattress with a bamboo fibre cover. It is very soft yet gives great support and I love the fact that there is nothing synthetic to it.

The advice that I received at the showroom was excellent and the buying process were transparent and carefree. I was able to determine the dimension and chose from a range of thickness of the mattress and within 2 weeks it got delivered to my doorstep.

The friendly European Bedding staff unwrapped the sealed mattress and fitted it into the bed and went through the care instructions with me. The mattress itself sleeps heavenly and my son loves its softness.

We were more than satisfied and just bought the same Heveya mattress for my younger son’s junior bed. I would always recommend European Bedding for the quality of their products and the professionalism of their service.


I was looking for a mattress that can help with my spine and backache problem. I googled the answer online and was interested to find out more on Latex Bed. I have been sleeping on the spring bed since young, I wish to have a change of bed if it would do good to my health.

I have purchased and been using the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress, King size, since early March 2015 till now, 2 months already and surprisingly my aching have lessened down. The mattress is very solid and feels comfortable. I always have rejuvenated sleep.

This is my 1st time seeing around 6-7 people carrying the latex mattress and they are very professional. I realized the bed was really heavy as it was made with solid latex material. The bed was tightly wrapped up with plastic stretch film, the guys will wipe their hands with Dettol wipes first before they unwrapped it and they will ensure the position and the layer of bed was placed properly before they zipped up the quilted bamboo mattress cover. The explanation on the layer functions of the bed was also carried out by Sylvestian. Delivery was around the allocated time and Sylvestian will inform if there is any slight delay.

Overall, it was Great!


We bought full latex bed from European bedding in January after checking with multiple suppliers. The whole experience from trial, purchase and delivery had been wonderful. Sylvestian and his team has been very professional in the whole process. They also ensured cleanliness by using hand sanitizer prior to installation. As for as bed is concerned, it just feels great for singapore weather. Heat retention is minimal and bed adjusts to body shape perfectly well. It also helps relieve tension in muscle and provides a very good rest to body despite different body position. Really appreciate Sylvestian for his suggestions and very happy with the product.


Daniel Pang
I chose to buy from European Bedding because it offers high quality latex mattresses, so I purchased a Heveya organic latex mattress (European queen size). Product quality is definitely good. There are probably more luxurious and comfortable beds out there, but the allergy and dust-mite resistant nature of the organic latex mattress has definitely helped with my nasal allergies. Sales and delivery services were very good too.

The only complaint I have is that fitting bed sheets in European size mattress were tough to find in Singapore. Even though I was warned about this beforehand, I feel that European Bedding should be stocking European queen size sheets as well to make it easier for customers since it sells both Singapore and European size mattresses.


Vivian Wang
I chose the Heveya Organic Latex Mattress European King after extensive research for a mattress that would alleviate my bad back and pinched nerve, as well as for a restful sleep. I expected it to be good after reading great reviews but it simply blew my mind. Just lying on the mattress in the showroom was a sublime experience I have few words for. One has to try it to believe it. Before I discovered this at European Bedding, I had little hope of ever getting a perfect night's sleep. But this is simply the best investment I have ever made. The purchase was worth every cent. And the service plus attention to detail is quite simply unmatched here in Singapore.

For a few years, I'd been so jaded with shopping for bedding and also for something that would actually make a difference to my quality of sleep. I have been sleeping on this mattress for about 5 months now and there really is no looking back. Absolutely the best thing for your back. There are various levels of firmness to choose from and the latex pillows are outstanding as well. If I had just enough budget to purchase one item for my home, it would be this mattress, without a doubt. I'm thrilled to have found this. It's really wonderful to be given the time, patience and sincerity from the good folks at this place.

Thank you Sylvestian and gang. Your delivery team were outstanding as well.


Warren & Pattama
The whole experience of buying our mattress from European Bedding has been an absolute pleasure.

This began with the mattress selection - as viewing is by appointment only, we had one-to-one attention and were able to take our time trying the various products and choosing. Sylvestian knew his products very well, had a good selection for us to try, and offered a good degree of customization for size and comfort.

We ended up choosing a Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress, European Queen Size 160cm x 200cm, Medium Density, together with 2 latex pillows, which felt supportive and amazingly comfortable. The price was also very reasonable.

Sylvestian oversaw the mattress delivery personally, and followed up with an email a week later to check if we were happy with our purchase, which we definitely were!

Sylvestian recommended a bed frame supplier - Ethnicraft - from whom we bought a Madra teak bed frame.

Overall, we would happily recommend European Bedding for their quality products, good pricing, and personal service.