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Kate Morgan
It's ammmmaazingg! ... Jayashi is lovely and so helpful too. Highly recommended.
Hendri Xing
I was a bit reluctant on buying a luxury bedding before but a friend convinced me with, “you’re spending 1/3 of your life on a bed, why don’t invest in good ones?”. I’ve been using the latex mattress from European Bedding for a year and my back pain has been gone ever since.

I also has been noticing that I get into deep sleep a lot earlier than when I was using my previous mattress. I now get off bed earlier but feel more refreshed because of sleeping quality improvement.

I’d say it’s one of the best purchase I ever done and look no further if you’re looking for an upgrade for your mattress.
James A
Beautiful and comfortable bed (especially for Singapore) with excellent, competent, kind and pleasant help from Charlotte as well as Grace's delivery/installation team. Love this team and bed!!!
Martin Kelias
I was served by Ms Jayshree. I was really happy with her knowledge of the products. We bought the bed recommended by her which was for our health benefits.

Now we are backache free after sleeping on the Bed. I am so Happy with Me Jayshree's sales in recommending us the bed.

We will definitely recommend European Bedding to whosoever I know.
Visiting their showroom to determine the type of mattress required is a must, however, the first time I did so I chose the incorrect mattress type and had many nights of terrible sleep. The staff are trained to identify if your spine is in alignment with the mattress type so make sure you get this checked out.

With their exchange policy I managed to change it for a softer mattress though had to come in for an assessment on how I sleep, which was easy and Jayashri helped to organise delivery etc. Unsure if there are any benefits of getting the adjustable slats as didn't have much to compare against.

The issues I had with the company:
1) Why didn't a sleep assessment occur the first time I visited the store which would have saved the company and I time in needing to exchange the mattress. NB: My first visit and interaction was not with Jayashri but the sale rep was very helpful and pleasant.
2) The second delivery for the exchanged mattress, the warehouse team loaded a firm mattress instead of a soft mattress on to the truck so had to reschedule another work day to wait for the correct mattress.

In total, I had three deliveries and two visits to the store:
1) Store Visit: Initially checking out and ordering the mattress
2) Delivery: First mattress which was not suited to me - which in hindsight could have been picked up if a sleep assessment had been done during my first store visit.
3) Store Visit: Revisit the store for a determination that the soft mattress would be better.
4) Delivery: Firm mattress instead of the soft mattress
5) Delivery: correct soft mattress. I like my soft mattress now from EB bedding but a lot of time wasted that could have been avoided if the initial sleep assessment was completed when I first came to the store.

I would recommend buying a mattress from EB Bedding but book an appointment with Jayashri prior to arrival for a sleep assessment. The mattress soft/medium/firm rating is not similar to a coil mattress.Another thing to consider is that an EU Queen mattress is extremely hard to buy fitted sheets for from Europe. Some places call it EU King so be mindful if you are getting an EU Queen as opposed to a Singapore Queen and check where you will get sheets from. I ended up buying a UK King flat sheet and UK King duvet cover to fit. Lastly, I am hesitant to say that the slats make much of a difference - it is really hard to tell.

Either way, commendable to Jayashri from EB Bedding and Grace who works deliveries/logistics. Both ladies are fantastic and do try their hardest to solve any issues.
Cynthia Arianto
My husband suggested we visit European Bedding as we were looking for a new bed for our new home. We then visited the showroom twice, first we were attended to by Jayashri, the second time by Charlotte. At both times, the ladies were very patient in letting us try different mattresses and pillows. There was never any pressure to purchase or to make any decision straight away.

We bought the medium firmness, EU King size, with the bed slates. The delivery and installation was quick and smooth.

We have now been using the bed for about 6 weeks. Granted that this is our first latex mattress, but this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on ! Going to bed feels like going up into the clouds. The pillows (although they appear thin) are super comfortable too !

Thank you Jayashri and Charlotte for the recommendation and for your patience. Now I'm going back to bed.
Nuray Yomi
We had a wonderful experience with European Bedding from the moment we entered the shop. Jayashri is an amazing sales representative, she spent great amount of time to understand our need and explaining us the different bed types to help us finding our bed. She was very prompt in communication to answer our queries after the purchase as well. We love our new bed & would definitely suggest everyone to check European Bedding out. Thanks again for this great experience!
My husband and I are both in our late 30s and have been experiencing back pains and been sleeping on spring mattresses for most of our lives, so a friend recommended we visit European bedding. We got lucky as it was the first mattress shop we visited and our last. We learnt about Latex mattress from Thijs, who served us at their Tiong Bahru store. We bought one in the first hour we were there. And that was it! We were abit worried at first as we barely did any research beforehand but European bedding has a 100 day exchange policy so we thought why not. Both our back pains have been gone since. And the service at European bedding has been really great. Thank you Thijs for coordinating everything for us!
Annie Kwan
Love the mattress and the pillows! No more waking up with backaches and neck pain. Definitely the best thing I’ve ever tried for my bed! Would recommend to everyone I know!
Chai Wee Ting
We have tried many beds and could not find a bed that was suitable for both of us. EB was introduced by our ID and it was the best buy we ever had for our house.

Service by Thijs and Jayashri are definitely one of the best we have received so far. Thijs showed and explained on the different beds during the first meeting and Jayashri was very professional and friendly. We decided to buy heveya latex mattress at the end of second meeting. Delivery was on time and professional. They practiced good hygiene to ensure that the bed was set up in the most professional standard for use.

I could see the differences in terms of quality of sleep with the change of bed from my old pocket spring mattress. Would really recommend you to head down to the showroom to try their beds!

Kudos to the team!
I found European Bedding after doing a search for latex bedding. My son has allergies and was constantly shifting and waking himself up either from his snoring, or just trying to breathe. So I went to a few stores, tried a few beds and narrowed it down to 2 places. The other place never even got back with a quote for me.

I've had nothing but great service from European Bedding, both personally when I went to the showroom (Thijs stopped to greet me even though the showroom was clearly busy, and organised Mindy to look after me) and also via email (Jayashri is a gem). Jayashri was so prompt and understanding, giving me information and quotes as well as answering questions via email. This was a major plus for me as I don't have time in the day to make calls, visit showroom, etc. She took such good care of me that I feel like I know her, even though we never met! Thijs was also very accommodating and upgraded my son's bed as it would have taken 2 more months for the bed I ordered to arrive. I love the handwritten note and giftcard from Jayashri after delivery - what a nice surprise! Can I also just add that Grace and her delivery team were very quick and professional. Thanks so much guys!

Initially I was only looking for my son. But the mattress and bed is so comfy that I changed my own bed too! I've had other latex beds and it just made my bad back worse. After trying the beds from European Bedding, I could feel they were different from what I previously experienced. I've now been sleeping on my new bed for 2 weeks and I love it. My son loves it too - he no longer snores, and most importantly, his new bed is very very bounce-able! ;)

Thanks EB!! The beds and mattresses were totally worth it!
Karen Teo
Superb service, warm and friendly from the time you walk into the store right through delivery. Plus a 100 day trial period. Loving it.
Damien Lim
Just had my bed delivered!
Upon delivery, I met Grace who was very on hands in making sure that everything went smoothly and that we got our old beds disposed of too.
Happy to say I promptly fell asleep on my bed in the afternoon, and I was deep enough in sleep to have dreams again..haha no exaggeration either (my bed was that terrible). I'll be finding out if the firmness of the mattress is really a fit, they have a policy for exchange just for that.

Once again, really happy with everything so far - great service and plenty of smiles here :)
Eugene Chong
We chanced upon European Bedding while searching for our first ever bed and was intrigued to find an organic latex bed which can help to reduce possible dust and itch allergies. We tried the beds across the range available at EB and was well-informed by the team (very helpful peeps) on the differences for each bed's firmness. We have also compared with the usual coil mattresses, and eventually decided on getting one from EB.

We have since started using it and all I can say is that I am definitely having great sleep coupled with the well distributed firmness of a latex bed. I would recommend anyone considering latex bedding to try at EB and experience for yourself the greatness of it!
Collin Barry
"I purchased two beds from European Bedding in Tiong Bahru. I came to appreciate the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress when I lived in Germany, and so I was delighted to see such products were available in Singapore. European Bedding’s staff were the consummate professionals – ever attentive to details, patient with all manner of questions, completely transparent with respect to the products, manufacturing process, and necessary care, and immediately responsive to every request. Jayashri in particular was my primary point of contact throughout both transactions; everything ran according to plan owing to Jayashri’s superb management.

The beds themselves allow for a deeper level of sleep; and the bed frame and nightstand I purchased from Ethnicraft is elegant in design and entirely sturdy.
Kelly Jones
Having researched mattresses for a while I stumbled upon a few articles written about latex mattresses, which are especially good for the hot humid climate of Singapore. Further research led me to European Bedding so we popped in one Sunday afternoon. Fabulous experience and we were given plenty of opportunity to try out different thickness and firmness of the mattresses and learn more about them. We need a custom made order as we have UK bed size and that would take 12-16 weeks. What impressed me the most was the constant updates and info from Jayashri, it's a lot of money to spend for something you can't get your hands on for nearly 4 months. Delivery day arrived and the team who delivered and put together the bed were immaculate, talking me through each step, showing me how to care for the product etc! And the moment of truth, how did we sleep that first a dream, the bed is comfortable, cool and no more waking up with a stiff back! I would highly recommend European Bedding and Jayashri!
Young J
5 stars for service. Very attentive and helpful staff (namely Jayashri) - any follow ups and queries thereafter very well attended to and even the delivery team was all very helpful - great shopping experience! Product is sold as advertised, give it a good try to get the best firmness level to your liking.
Ebru Tiberi
We have recently bought a Heveya mattress from European Bedding shop in Tiong Bahru.
We absolutely love it. No more back pain...very comfortable...and 100% organic..

The service was also fantastic from the moment we walked into the shop till the delivery. Jayashri helped us choosing the right mattress for us. She was very professional and friendly. The mattress was delivered on time and they took away the old one. Highly recommended!
Andrew Pullen
We are really happy with our new bed - very comfortable and the staff at European bedding were very helpful. Thanks!
Timo Tumuscheit
Overall satisfaction. Mattresses are heavenly and the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

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