Chiara & Paul
After doing our own search we chose EB Back Care Perfect 7-zone latex mattress because we were convinced that this type seemed to be the best on the market for people with back problems or fibromyalgia.

We had a pleasant experience at the showroom which is centrally located near Orchard and beautiful. Sylvestian was super helpful with all our questions and let us try the various options available at their stylish place. We phoned in advance and organised an appointment which gave us time and privacy to make up our mind without any pressure. The mattresses we wanted, half firm on one side and half medium on the other side enclosed in a single king size mattress cover, were available and delivered efficiently few days after our purchase by a competent team and Sylvestian himself. They took our old mattress away at no added cost and the delivery was included in the price.

We are happy customers and we think the cost is reasonable since we sleep very well now and are really satisfied about the overall experience. Thank you.


Grace & Isaac
We heard latex mattresses were the way to go and after some research, found European Bedding to offer 100% organic latex mattresses that were reasonably priced. We read good testimonials on their products and services and after purchasing a Heveya ourselves, we can attest to them. Sylvestian was very patient, personal and sincere, never pushy, and paid attention to details in his explanations and services. Making sure he and his delivery assistants sanitized their hands before assembly of our mattress was such an appreciated thought and gesture.

We are enjoying a 2-in-1 (2 cores enveloped within a single bamboo outer casing) European King-size Heveya mattress which is significantly more comfortable than our spring mattress before, and is providing great support for both myself and my husband who has a slip disc condition. We are happy with our choice and would recommend European Bedding as an option to anyone out there looking a mattress.


Mr. Lim
I was looking for a mattress that would be good for health and would give good support, especially for the back, one that would not grow mould and would be resilient. I was glad to be able to find the 100% organic latex mattress together with the adjustable slatted bed base. This gives good support and comfortable rest. The ventilation is also good and the mattress does not retain excessive heat nor cause coldness to the body.


I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our mattress! It is unbelievably comfortable and both my husband and I are sure we are sleeping much better as a result of it – whether due to its enormous size or the fact we have 2 separate sections which mean we don't wake each other up any more!

Thank you so much for your wonderfully efficient service. We really appreciated the loan of the temporary mattress whilst we waited for our one to be delivered too – we would have been sleeping on the floor otherwise! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.


Anne & Jeroen
Since our purchase of the Queen size natural latex mattress at European Bedding about a month ago we have been sleeping wonderful and waking up totally relaxed.

We would like to specifically mention the great service, both at your showroom and upon delivery. Our previous mattresses had been severally damaged during our move to Singapore and we immediately had to find a replacement. This time we switched to one large mattress, after years of two mattresses, and do not regret this. The natural latex mattress and latex pillows are an excellent choice in Singapore's hot climate and we feel cool due to excellent natural dehumidifying properties latex has.

After these positive experiences we also purchased a new single latex mattress and pillow for our daughter and she agrees and shares our 'cooling' experience.


Mr & Mrs Wong
The Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress King Size that we have bought is comfortable and suitable to our sleeping posture. We have been using the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress King Size since the first day of staying in our new house and the mattress support is still the same as the first day we had slept on. The firm support of the mattress is crucial to our sleep quality and proper recharged for the next day.

Sylvestian has the good knowledge about different types of mattress available, he will only recommend the suitable mattress based on our body sleeping contour and posture which is important to ensure the sleep quality. The process to test out the mattress is very friendly as Sylvestian allowed us to test sleep on the mattress as long as we desire and advise on the mattress firmness if it is the suitable type at the same time.

The delivery process was also delicately carried out. Sylvestian and the delivery staff would ensure that the new mattress will be properly placed on the bed frame, even to the extend of taking care of the little detail like using wet wipes to clean their hands before they brought out the mattress from the mattress protector. Sylvestian would personally come with the delivery team and took care of the whole process.

I sincerely feel this is a strong statement that European Bedding truly cares about their customers. Even after our order and before the delivery, my questions to confirm the size of the mattress was always promptly replied. An exemplary spirit of customer service! We will definitely return to buy our new mattress in the future.

Thank you, Sylvestian and European Bedding.


The beds are great, really enjoying the new mattress and my son is one happy kid!

I have no hesitation in recommending European Bedding services. Being in the market for a new mattress, I researched bedding thoroughly and decided latex was the way to go. I was pleased to see these products sold locally after reading about European Bedding in Expat Living. I am glad we visited the showroom as Sylvestian provided the best shopping experience and was very knowledgeable on latex mattresses and the benefits to your body.

We ended up buying a new king size mattress for our existing sleigh bed (slats) and a complete new king bed and mattress for our son. My son is over the moon with his new bed and says it’s the most comfy bed he’s ever slept on. My husband and I have been enjoying restful sleeps and find we are not tossing and turning so much and are sleeping through the night far better. The latex is cooling and not at all hot, contrary to what I had heard.

Sylvestian and his crew delivered the beds promptly and installed them (took 6 or 7 guys!) and also removed our old mattress. Again going the extra mile they even dismantled an existing bed from one room and reassembled it in the new room. Exemplary service. I couldn’t recommend their products and services more.


I visited European Bedding showroom because I was attracted by their natural organic latex mattress and the ergonomic 'high-tech' bedding system. I was given a very warm welcome by Sylvestian. He is knowledgeable and has given me good advices on the various range of latex mattresses and which suited me most.

At the end, I purchased the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress with EB Comfort Premium Adjustable Slatted Bed Base. As I need the bed urgently, and the waiting period for the delivery of mattress was 60 to 90 days, Sylvestian was so kind enough to arrange a loan mattress for me to sleep on till my new mattress arrived.

The whole sales process and delivery service were very good. They took care of my every needs, the deliveries were always on time, and all were done professionally and smoothly without any hassle.


Miles & Liz
We are delighted with our new mattress and base and have been repeatedly asking 'why didn't we do this years ago?.' We are both sleeping a lot more and have far less restless nights.

The European Bedding set up is first class. It started with the informative and easy to navigate website, which also indicates prices as well as stock levels. The first phone call to Sylvestian offered excellent and non-pushy advice. The concept of a booking to see the beds in the showroom is a fine strategy as this gives one on one service with no interruptions on what is a large purchase. Sylvestian was knowledgable, calm, offered first class advice and gave us plenty of time and space to discuss and make our decision. What was also special was that Sylvestian came across as genuinely passionate about the product. We opted to go for the 'European Bedding' (EB) King Size mattress made of two singles and the EB Comfort Premium slatted bed base. We chose these two purely on the comfort levels and the fact that we would be able to adjust each side of the bed to different levels of softness/hardness.

We own a bed frame that we did not want to relinquish but is the same dimensions as the base bed. Sylvestian kindly came to our apartment on the same day as we viewed the mattress to double check our bed frame and the bed base (which would slot into the frame) would work. He advised that it would.

Four days later we took delivery of the new mattress and bed base. Again, Sylvestian's remarkable personal service commitment meant he was there on delivery with his team to ensure that all was well.

I must say that in the many years I have lived in Singapore I have not come across this level of service. For many people, this is a 'big ticket' purchase. European Bedding's service is way above and beyond any you get in the department store and if you do your research you will also find that this latex product is high quality, a wise choice and with Sylvestian's excellent knowledge and service, provides peace of mind.


We really love our new European Bedding sleeping system - latex mattresses, adjustable slatted bed bases and latex pillows.

The best thing is that my wife never feels me move, roll over or get into and out of the bed. It is much better.

We can also adjust the bed bases to have very different firmness levels (firmer or softer settings) as we are of very different sizes.

A great design and a great result.


Ngata Tapsell, Architect
Having a bed built to a custom design in Singapore presents a number of challenges.

The selection of the mattress and a flexible slat system was made easy however by European Bedding. I needed a high quality, low profile latex mattress and the organic solution from Heveya fit the bill perfectly.

Sylvestian and his team were exceptional - accommodating my many requests for detailed design information. They are simply without peer in the Singapore market!


After a few months of sleeping comfortably I thought I would send you a note.

The bedding system is fine. I enjoy it, and the pillows, very much.

I hope that it will serve for many years to come.


Koen & Lies
It took us a longer time to get used to our new mattresses but now we really like them.

I am always looking forward to go to bed and have a hard time to get up in the morning, although we feel refreshed after a good night sleep on the mattresses.


Jo & Gregg
We would highly recommend European Bedding to anyone thinking of purchasing a latex mattress and slatted bed base.

Sylvestian, the General Manager, was easy to deal with and very accommodating. We have always slept on a mattress with inner springs and so this is our first latex mattress.

We could not be happier moving to this sleeping system. We were both quite surprised at the quality of sleep we have experienced sleeping on our new bed. No tossing and turning, getting sore shoulders when sleeping on your side or waking up with a back ache. I am confident we will now be sleeping on latex for the rest of our lives. Its been a very positive change.

Its great to receive good customer service. It makes a real difference. Plus the bed is super comfortable so we are very happy.


Ton & Sonja
We purchased two mattresses from European Bedding (EB) about three weeks ago. Friends of ours recommended EB. The mattresses were delivered last week. So far, we are more than satisfied.

It started with my first visit to EB. Sylvestian explained the difference between several mattresses and took all the time I needed. The pleasant showroom, where you can try out the mattresses as long as you want, makes you feel 'comfortable'. The second visit with my husband, we had the same experience, which led to us ordering two EB Back Care Perfect latex mattresses (firm).

The whole after sales service, delivery and follow-up is joying a good night sleep since. Overall a 10 for everything, a more than friendly Sylvestian, and a good product, makes me recommend this company to everyone who needs new beds or mattresses.


I chose to buy from EB Bedding for several reasons. Once I did my research about which mattress would be best to have in a climate such as Singapore's, the answer came up natural latex. Also, I read in Expat Living a testimonial from an expat who purchased mattresses from you and how pleased she was. Thirdly, Sylvestian, you are a very knowledgeable and conscientious individual and it was a pleasure working with you.

We purchased one EB back care perfect latex mattress in King and two in Queen with adjustable slatted bases. The quality is excellent. The sales and delivery were bar none. Exceptional. Everyone was very careful and conscientious - even to the point that once the boxes were unpacked, everyone used hand wipes so as not to dirty the mattresses or covers. With the firm setting the first night, it was actually too firm. But we adjusted the slats to the softest setting the second night and it was perfect. Actually slept in until 9:30 am, which is rare. Good thing we have school holidays.

I am looking forward to years of enjoyment with these beds. Thank you for helping me make that possible.


Mark and Ingrid
It was a pleasant experience shopping from European Bedding. Sylvestian helped and advised us in choosing our bedding. No sales pushiness, no non-sense. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would, with no hesitation say a 10 for sales, advise and delivery!

We purchased mattresses and pillows i.e. 2 x 210 cm back care perfect latex mattresses medium for our children plus standard traditional latex pillows and 2 x 220 cm back care perfect mattresses medium with Bamboo cover for ourselves plus plush traditional pillows. Four comfort ultimate adjustable slatted bed base 200x90 cm.

We have the mattresses now for approximately a month and we are very pleased with them. High quality but hard to judge on the quality's durability after just a month. However we have no doubts looking at the craftsmanship of the products. Thanks to European Bedding, we all sleep much better and feel rested.


Tay Wee
I want to thank European Bedding for your recommendation, which is the medium firm latex with 5cm soft topper.

My mother loves it so much and no more back pain after she wakes up every morning. Great products !

Thank You again.


You don't truly appreciate your latex mattress until you sleep on anything else. It's firm, yet yielding in just the right way, something only experienced first hand. It's helped with my chronic back pain, and provides a good night sleep.

Service from Sylvestian at European Bedding was top notch. He always provided updates as to when our custom size mattress would arrive, expedited the mattress cover, and ensured a smooth delivery. Everything was setup just right and we couldn't have been more satisfied.

Anyone in the market for a new mattress should at least stop by European Bedding and give this premium product a try.


Sue Yee
I had slip discs operation years ago due to a fall. Finding a suitable mattress that is going to give me good sleeping comfort and support to my back is important.

I chanced upon European Bedding through my readings from the web on how good latex mattress is different from other spring mattresses. With the help and professionalism from Sylvestian, I decided to go for Heveya Natural organic firm mattress. After sleeping on it for 2 weeks, I can feel the difference from all the other mattresses I've tried and slept on. It gave me the comfort and adequate support for my back.

What more can I ask for to get better sleep night after night with this natural Heveya latex mattress.