Customer Testimonials

Justin & Bridget
Thank you Sylvestian, for your time and patience when serving us during our visit to your showroom.

My wife and I have been very satisfied with Heveya Organic latex King Size bed mattress that we customized to be half firm and half medium firmness. After much research, I came to the conclusion that Latex mattress is still superior to other types in the market in terms of comfort, quick response to movements, cooling and back assistance. Since latex is a natural material, I want it to be organic in nature to ensure that it is free of chemicals which may unknowingly be harmful to us. Then, from the few full latex mattress dealers in Singapore, I have chosen European Bedding due to the option to customize the mattress' firmness to suit both of us, the mattress lining that is zippable, the cloth segregation for each side of the bed which makes it modularized and a bamboo overall bed linen that wraps the whole bed.

In addition, the customer service caters to individual specific attention, time and space to allow customers to try and feel the bed with assessment to your sleeping posture to find out which firmness is suitable for each of us.

The quality of the bed has been excellent, so much so that my wife says that the bed is always beckoning her to sleep.

The mattress has been delivered to our house with special care and with much professionalism. The movers were accompanied by a delivery manager Jennifer who ensured that the mattress was kept in a big green duffel bag which was clean and she also ensured that the movers cleaned their hands before handling the white latex mattress. It had been an excellent service from the moving to the assembly of the mattress, which laboriously required 4 people to perform the job well.

Sylvestian had also been kind to provide me the mattress by the earliest date by checking shipping dates to attempt to relieve me of my back-ache which I had been suffering with my previous mattress and to complete the sleeping experience with the latex pillows. Thanks, European Bedding!
I chanced upon the European Bedding website while searching for a new mattress. After reading so much on the difference between spring and memory foam mattress, I decided to give a try for a full latex mattress. Another reason is to due to my nose allergy.

I purchased the Belatex Progressive Support Latex Mattress Queen Size 152 x 190cm. I have used it for two weeks and I am really satisfied with the product. The most important is that I don't feel hot when lying on it even without turning on the aircon. Should have purchased the thicker ones...hehe.

Not only that, the sales and delivery services were fantastic!!! The initial viewing and introduction of products in the showroom was exclusive. Sylvestian's product knowledge is good and he displayed professionalism in customer service. EB delivery team was just as professional, handling everything with care.

Overall result was good and I am very happy to be a customer of European Bedding. I will recommend friends who want a good sleep to consider having a full latex mattress. European Bedding is the choice.
Anne & Jeroen
We recently purchased a Heveya Natural Organic Latex Single Size Mattress for our 8 year old son from European Bedding.

This was the third time we purchased a mattress from this shop and as previous times the service was outstanding. Punctual, and with a very pleasant crew, the mattress was installed with professional care. Sylvestian and his delivery team clearly showed that they cared for their products and were very gentle in handling it.

We decided to buy the mattress for our son as we were very pleased with our own mattresses from European Bedding company. Every morning we wake up feeling relaxed and we want all family members to share this same experience. My son has been saying that the mattress makes him sleep better than his previous mattress, and wakes up feeling he had a good night sleep.

I would like to add that the mattresses actually keep your body cool in the hot and humid Singapore climate.
Jin Cheng
Let me start this review with a question: what differentiates European Bedding from the usual mattress companies/resellers we find so often at superstores and Expo fairs?

The answer: top-notch service. We were attended to by Sylvestian, the General Manager of the company. Prior to that, I had done research and concluded that latex mattresses were the best in the field. I would also encourage you to conduct your own research on the differences between latex, spring, foam mattresses etc.

So I went ahead and booked an appointment with Sylvestian. My partner went along with me. Prior to that, we had tried the industry-leading brands at superstores.

Sylvestian is service-oriented and the products he carries are superior to many other mattresses available in Singapore. My partner is rather fussy when it comes to mattresses but she was quickly brought over by the latex mattress we tried.

Sylvestian was very attentive and encouraged us to take as much time as we needed to rest on the mattress. Since the compound is private, you will not feel as exposed compares to trying mattresses at superstores.

Eventually we bought the Heveya King-size mattress. My partner asked why I paid in full instead of paying half as was our usual practice with many other vendors. My reply: "I trust him (him being Sylvestian)".

To be honest, we have not shifted in so we are not able to provide a user review for now. We strongly recommend European Bedding for those who value great service and are aware of the differences between different types of mattresses. After all, we spend so much time in a day on a bed. Your body will thank you for buying a high-quality mattresses.
In December 2015, we purchased for our children 3 single-sized mattresses (2 Belatex and 1 Heveya Organic Latex) with European Bedding. We've had them for over a month now and the products have simply been excellent. The quality, comfort level and the support have brought much joy and satisfaction to those in the family who have used them. Even house guests who have tried them are amazed and are keen to find out more about the products.

The service provided by Sylvestian was par excellence. His product knowledge, patience, attention to detail and generosity really made our shopping experience worthy of the highest praise. Together with his team, he ensured the delivery process was smooth and his presence on site that day further expedited the set up.

It was a genuinely pleasant shopping experience made possible by Sylvestian and the team. Thank you.
Yue Woon
Sylvestian was beyond great help. He gave fair advice and did not up sell even though he could have, because he wanted us to have the best decision. He took the time to understand our needs and really put himself in the shoes of the client (instead of focusing on closing sales, which is what most mattress salespeople are like).

European Bedding is a gem, in terms of product and service quality. Thanks, Sylvestian!
Cyan & Jolencia
Thank you European Bedding. We write to express our appreciation. There are 3 points.
  • Their GM, Sylvestian, provides impeccable service. He replied to all our queries promptly & clearly. His honest feedback really helped us to select the "right fit" bed.
  • We bought the Heveya Queen, and have enjoyed beautiful rests in the weeks after. We no longer suffer back pains as associated with our previous mattress.
  • Attentive after service by EB - Sylvestian kindly provided us a bigger FOC pillow per my wife's request. His colleague delivered it to our doorstep at their expense.
My wife and I rates EB a 10 out of 10 stars, and highly recommends the brand to other would be customers.
We are delighted with our recent purchase of adult and child mattresses from European Bedding. The European Bedding website includes a plethora of useful information and the staff was helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating.

The mattresses sold by European Bedding appear to be superior in quality to the high quality latex mattresses that we have been sleeping on for the past ten years! Indeed, if we have any complaint at all, it would only be that we are all sleeping such a restful sleep that getting up is now harder than ever - we never want to leave our comfortable beds.

You will not regret your purchase from European Bedding.
Véronique & Manuel
We have recently acquired a Heveya Natural Organic latex mattress with EB Comfort Premium adjustable slatted bed bases. While we are enjoying the perfect type of bedding to us we are also happy to contribute to a sustainable latex manufacture with the 100% organic certification.

The highlight of our journey to the selection and acquisition of our bedding solution was definitely European Bedding's customer service and great support. We wanted to purchase a bed frame from a different place and Sylvestian took all necessary action (even visiting the bed frame supplier) to guarantee a good fit till the final perfect assemblage at our place.

Thank you and ... good night!
Chia & Fannie
My husband and I were on the lookout for a mattress for several months for our new home before we came across European Bedding from the Internet. We started with testing for spring mattresses from those Big S brands but none satisfy the comfort and value we were looking for.

We later read about latex and decided to zero in onto latex mattresses. We went to some reputable ones in Singapore, and finally after much research and considerations, decided to purchase the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress from European bedding. The mattress has since provided us with comfort and support in our sleep every night.

Sylvestian has been most professional and responsible on all matters from mattress knowledge to the delivery and after sales service. We went to the showroom several times for mattress testing, and every single time, Sylvestian received us warmly with a smile. I was pleasantly surprised that Sylvestian came along with the delivery guys when our mattress was delivered. He made sure that the deployment of the mattress was done smoothly and hygienically. A big thumbs up for a rare occurrence in the furniture industry in my personal opinion.

Keep up the good work!
We chose to buy a latex mattress because we heard from internet forums that it was the healthiest option for people with dust mite allergies and chemical sensitivities, both of which I have. Although the mattress was more expensive than average, I can say on hindsight that it was very well worth it.

Firstly, Sylvestian's superb service and pleasant demeanour has made every interaction a pleasure from the time of making first contact. His clear and thoughtful answers to all of our questions, together with the timeliness to his responses were much appreciated.

Next, the mattress is simply the best mattress I have ever laid on. It is perfectly soft, not in a way that gives a backache, but the type that makes us sigh every night when we get on it before collapsing into a slumber. It really is quality of life to sleep on the Heveya!

We are so glad to have bought this mattress. With our flatter and less stuffed polyfill pillows, every night on the Heveya is 8 hours of the best quality sleep I have ever had. Finally we enjoy the special benefit of the flexible, folding quality of the mattress, which made it possible to get the mattress up and down our narrow stairs in the house. (My wife and I had to move the king mattress down 1 flight of stairs after delivery as we decided to use another room instead, and it was relatively painless for my wife and I to do so).

All in all it has been as good as purchases can be. Thank you very much, Sylvestian!
Gerda & Nicolas
We came across European Bedding by chance but definitely were very happy with what we found. Sylvestian is a passionate and professional salesman who will spend the time required to convince you of buying high quality bedding from Europe. He is welcoming customers in a pristine Singaporean environment, superbly located and will spend what it takes to make you feel comfortable with the products available in his showroom. You can try, test and twist on the beds as much as you want. No questions remain unanswered.

At the end, a very good purchasing experience. And this is not the end! Sylvestian will personally supervise the installation of your bed at your home and will make sure the delivery is meeting your expectations. There is no doubts we will go back to European Bedding when we want to buy another mattress in Singapore.
Sandy U.
We purchased a King size European Bedding mattress after a very long search. We had previously purchased two other mattresses. They both aggravated my husband's shoulder and back.

Sylvestian was very helpful and since we've received our EB mattress my husband said his shoulder is feeling better and we are both sleeping better than we have since we first moved to Singapore. Thank you!


Matthew & Grace
It all started when Grace and I did some research on the various mattress types available in the market. We were horrified when we discovered many negative side effects for spring mattresses (such as radiation absorption) and polyurethane/memory foam (toxic chemicals for flame retardation and high heat absorption).

The only safe mattress type was 100% natural latex. Hence our choice to go with European Bedding. Our sales consultant, Sylvestian, was highly knowledgeable. We were mightily impressed that he even came down to our house to supervise the setting up of our bed!

And of course, the mattress itself is glorious. We took the Heveya Organic Latex (Queen-sized). A good balance of firmness and softness, your body just eases in perfectly. The material is also cooling, perfect for the hot and humid climate of Singapore. All in all, we give a 10/10 for the mattress. Looking forward to many more good years with the mattress!
Peter & Alice Chua
To put it simply, its like sleeping on a cloud! It may sound a little exaggerated but that is exactly how I feel when I am lying on the mattress.

The first three weeks was not a good experience but through no fault of the mattress, as I was going through a very persistent bout of flu. With my sleep interrupted by bouts of cough and block nose waking me up every hour on the hour.

Now that I have that episode behind me, I can truly experience the joy of lying on the bed, slipping into deep sleep very easily.

May I also add that my wife have the same experience too!

All in all, we are most happy with the purchase and wished is that we had discover Heveya mattesess much earlier. Will keep you posted on our experience with the mattress and if it helps with our back issues in the near future. Thanking you, once again.
Jul S
We were looking for good quality Latex bedding in Singapore that wouldn't take 2 months to deliver because we needed a custom made 200cm length mattress.

Sylvestian helped my wife and I find the perfect mattress that suits both of us. We've had the bed for a month now and it's very comfortable to sleep on. It provides good support for her, and my back doesn't hurt anymore.

The delivery was very efficient, it arrived within a week of ordering it, and they set it up properly, and made sure everything was in the right order.
Torsten K.
We did a fair amount of research (including spending many hours in various furniture shops and malls) on different options to buy bedding products in Singapore.

We chose to buy the Heveya medium density latex mattress from European Bedding. A key reason for this decision was the highly professional und non-pushy approach by Sylvestian. His calm, knowledgeable explanations and recommendations clearly based on our needs made a big difference.

The whole process from first trial in their showroom through to delivery was painless and professional. The first couple of nights on the new mattresses have been great and a testament to that we have made the right decision. Highly recommended.
We have been extremely pleased with the beds we purchased from your company!!

We were given our Singapore assignment in January and after finding an apartment we realized we needed a couple of beds! We began searching a variety of bed stores and to our dismay nothing satisfied our needs.

We then saw an ad for European Bedding and upon visiting the "store" we were pleasantly surprised with the display of the bedding. It is set in a house like setting with the beds on display. We ended up purchasing 2 heveya mattresses, medium density and 2 adjustable slatted beds. The mattresses have been very comfortable!

Sylvestian made it a very easy purchase and the delivery couldn't have gone smoother!! He saw it thru to the finish!!

Thanks, it was a great experience!
Barbara & Paul
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Sylvestian and his team at European Bedding to you if you are looking to purchase a wonderfully comfortable mattress and/or pillows.

We have happily slept on a natural latex mattress for over 10 years so were already sold on the product but it was a joy to find Sylvestian at European Bedding and his try out the latest mattresses in his very relaxing studio. Sylvestian is what you long for in a salesperson; pleasant, knowledgable, helpful, considerate, efficient, totally professional and not pushy! His delivery team are all very professional too.

Sylvestian assessed our sleeping posture/ body alignment needs and advised us on the best mattress for us. We chose the Heveya Natural Organic latex mattress which was custom made as we required a NZ size length. The pillows recommended were also chosen to ensure correct body alignment and are very comfortable. Altogether Sylvestian provides faultless service and a great product. After a month of sleeping on our new bed we are very pleased with it.
Kang Wei
Here's our feedback after 1 month of use:

We wanted a natural mattress without the usual spring and are considering latex or memory foam mattresses. After trying the full latex mattress at EU Bedding's showroom, the choice was clear. It is more comfortable and doesn't sink in as much as the memory foam mattress. The personalized service and product knowledge from Sylvestian was excellent. We did not have any problems at all before and after we purchased the mattress. Delivery of the mattress was done in a professional manner as well.

In the end, it is an excellent product and I will not hesitate recommending to others who want a good night's sleep and fuss-free purchase process.

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