Sanny Chondro
I purchased a mattress by European Bedding a few months ago; hands down best bed I ever have!! With other beds, I might sometimes wake up with body ache but with this bed I have currently, no matter how tired or how jetlagged I am when I go to sleep, I always wake up feeling well rested and fresh; ready to get going with my day.

Not just they have great quality, their service is excellent, Thijs was so professional with his bedding knowledge helping me find the most suitable mattress. And they have great delivery service too, they made sure that the mattress was delivered and assembled perfectly. I sincerely appreciate the professionalism that the team has catered!


Luc Fabry
Since we were concerned about the materials and chemicals that are put into mattresses and the impact they might have on our health, my wife started her research online. She guided me to European Bedding because of their 100% natural organic latex mattresses.

We wanted to replace our mattrass and heard the positive feedback on EB. A good night sleep and proper support to help keep our spine aligned, is very important to us and we wanted a high quality mattrass. A latex mattress provides lots of benefits, first of all it is natural material, provides good support and is mold resistant. We purchased a queen size mattrass and have been very happy. The sales team was very knowledgeable and not pushy. Overall we had an excellent experience with EB.


Rajendra & Shirley Rao
Excellent choice made by choosing EB mattress. The sleeping just go deeper and deeper. The experience having to lie & to try on different firmness made it so much easier for us to define which one suits us best.

Thank you so much to Thijs, Stefan & Charlotte for taking the trouble to ensure we are making the right choice. Appreciate it very much.


Marcuzio More
I really liked the feeling of this bedding studio (shop) where you can try several mattresses and relax. This is possible because you set up an appointment to visit it and when you go it's not crowded and sales persons are all dedicated to you. Professional and experts of guiding you to the correct purchase of a bedding system.


Sebastien Bruggeman
Competent and helpful staff. They are really trying to help you improve your sleep experience. The mattresses are latex and super comfy.


Copper Crow
Love this bed! Bought a single for our daughter because of the hypoallergenic qualities of the mattress. My wife and I liked the quality and service so much went back the following month and bought a king for ourselves.


Irene Wong
Great service, not pushy at all, even suggested other places we could look at before deciding. Very helpful and informative. Also very flexible with delivery schedule allowing us to arrange the delivery timing via WhatsApp.

Loved them and will buy from them again for sure.


Since we were concerned about the materials and chemicals that are put into mattresses and the impact they might have on our health, my wife started her research online. She guided me to European Bedding because of their 100% natural organic latex mattresses.

We purchased a custom mattress (to fit an Australian queen sized frame), two pillows and a bolster. The quality is very good, apart from the bolster which came apart at the seam. I am very happy with the service that Thijs provided. He has been very responsive over email and was very sympathetic to trying to get us our mattress as soon as possible. He has also been very friendly with managing the quality of the bolster we received. For the delivery team, they were fairly efficient but seemed a little unorganized (maybe it was due to their driver having fallen earlier in the day). The team did not seem aware that they were picking up our old mattress but were friendly and courteous enough that they took it in their stride.


Carol Lim
I was doing research on the various types of Mattresses when I chanced upon European Bedding. We were so impressed that we actually bought it on the spot after trying it out and we were waiting anxiously for the delivery to be sent at our newly purchased condominium apartment. We are extremely pleased with our purchase of Heveya Natural Organic Latex Queen Size Mattress and we have since enjoy many restful nights.

This is the First time we have such great sleep after such a long time as previously, we were sleeping on the normal pocketed spring mattress at the rented apartment before the collection of keys for our new place.

One thing that absolutely allows European Bedding to gain a competitive advantage from their competitors is their excellent sales and support team. We were served by Sales Executive Charlotte who is very patient, helpful, knowledgable and definitely an asset to European Bedding with her delivery of exceptional service. We had experienced some hiccups with the ID company as the ID is seldom on site which in turn caused us some inconveniences that resulted in 2 weeks delays before completing all renovation work. Due to the unforeseen delays in renovation, I had to contact Charlotte to inform her to postpone the delivery yet we needed it to be on 12/07/17 as our rental lease was expiring on 14/07/17. She has acceded to our request and managed to arrange for an on-time delivery as well.

Unfortunately, there was some zipper issue of the mattress protector and it completely came undone which was beyond repair when we lifted up the mattress and tried putting the sheets on (do note that latex mattress is much heavier than normal pocketed spring mattress). We highlighted to Charlotte and once again, she has delivered prompt and remarkable service recovery. We will definitely refer our friends and families to Charlotte from European Bedding.

Last but not least, we would also like to extend our greatest appreciation to Thijs, Edwin and especially Charlotte for the second to none experience and service as well. Great job! Well done!!


Hendri Xing
The latex mattress I bought from EB is probably one of the best investment I've done in years. I'm the kind of person who sleeps almost instantly on any mattress I lay myself on, so I was always against buying expensive mattress at all thinking that it wouldn't make any difference in my sleep quality. But I was wrong, I noticed that my back pain was gone below one week of sleeping on it & how it improves my sleep quality almost instantly. Thijs was particulary helpful in finding me the right mattress for my weight & how it support my spinal alignment.

If you're looking for a quality sleeps and life, look no further!


Betty Zeng & Paul Tan
I found myself not wanting to do anything these days other than lying on this bed, to the extent I would even do my work on bed! We bought a latex mattress with the bed slats which was the best combi! With the bed base, we could adjust one side to be firmer and the other side softer. When i go back to lying on my old bed, it's a world of difference! The pillows are to die for too!

Excellent service and help from Charlotte and Thijs!! They have been so friendly and welcoming, great help in making our decision on what’s best for us, so patient with us testing the various options of mattress, and even acceded our request for getting the bed delivered quick!


Esther & Gene
Great service from Charlotte; friendly, professional and knowledgeable about her products.

The Heveya mattress is wonderful, great support throughout the body, totally relaxing and just puts us to sleep very comfortably. Body feels relaxed and rested in the morning. Have to say also that the Ethnicraft bed frames are very nice. Modern yet rustic, fresh woody fragrance. Can't bear to leave our bed in the morning!

Thanks Charlotte and European Bedding, glad that we found you!


I was looking for a mattress and my 1st visit to the old showroom at Orchard was around April 2016. Thijs attended to me and gave very detailed information about the mattress. I'm very pleased to get to know their mattress as I was able to see the inner construction of the mattress unlike other brands (which are full of description but unable to show the real build-up). I did not buy the mattress during my 1st visit. I returned to European Bedding about 4-5 months later. I was glad that Thijs was able to remember me and attended to me attentively.

Overall, it was a great experience in purchasing a natural environmentally friendly product. Not pushy; you can try the mattress as long as you wish. No gimmicks mattress, great place, professional delivery process !!! Super friendly Thijs !!!


Hi Thijs,

Thanks for your excellent service when we visited European Bedding's showroom to view the mattresses available.

You were very detailed and knowledgeable in your introduction of the various mattresses in the showroom, and ever so accommodating to let us try out each of them to have a feel of the quality. Your patience and understanding in giving us time to consider the purchase also helped us in making the right decision to go for the Heveya mattress.

We had at a great experience at European Bedding, and delivery of the mattress was well handled too. Most importantly, the Heveya mattress indeed provides superior comfort.

Thanks for your recommendation of the Heveya!