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Betseline Teng
We were looking for a good mattress and had been doing some research on it. In the end we decided to get a natural latex mattress which according to some people is the best mattress type available in the market. Searching more information about it, we came across European Bedding which has many excellent reviews in google.

We visited the showroom and met Thijs who warmly greeted & welcomed us to try on different firmness mattresses. He patiently explained and let us experience lying down on the mattress. It was difficult to decide based on only short experience of lying down but Thijs assured us that we have 100 days trial with 1 time free exchange to another different mattress firmness. So finally decided to get the firm mattress.

Delivery was done professionally and we felt that the delivery team was well trained and knew what they need to do. After sleeping on the mattress for a month, we did feel the advantage of natural latex mattress. We could sleep more soundly and wake up feeling fresh.

Besides a good service, Thijs had also extended his personal assistance on our problem with our bed frame. He helped us solved the problem which we would not have been able to solve ourselves.

Thank you Thijs for your great service. We will not hesitate to recommend European Bedding to our friends.
Xiu Xiu
My husband and i went on to try various brands at the Home furnishing fair, after visited European Bedding (EB) showroom at Tiong Bahru. We tried popular brands including brands that we used to owned but nothing beats EB Comfortable and softness texture.

We also compare another higher end brands that are of quite similar quality but the price was more ex. So we decided to go back to look for Thijs, the friendly manager of EB who has attended to us earlier. He is not only patience but extremely knowledgeable and he is also able to give us the right advise on the type of mattress and pillow we should get base on our needs. This is our first EB mattress and we really love it! No more stiff neck and my husband's backache problem has also improved tremendously. Thumbs to European bedding. Highly recommended and value for money!
Adrian Chan
Great help from Jayashri and team in selecting the right mattress and working well with my ID to ensure the appropriate measurements. Kudos!
Lesiley Tung
Very good customer service, the mattress is very comfortable and well made. Recommended!
Rey Thomas & Jude Ho
Thanks for the latex mattress. It's wonderful and both myself and my wife have had comfortable sleeping experiences so far. The value paid for the Heveya bed is worth it =)

As a person who values customer service, the service provided by Thijs and his team have been prompt, accomodating and comfortable.

Will go back to European Bedding for a new bed in the future.
M Leong
Recently bought the Heveya mattress and adjustable bed base. Many thanks to Jayashri and Charlotte for their excellent services. My first visit at the studio was assisted by Jayashri, who patiently took me thru all their products. She made me feel comfortable... and allowed me ample quiet time to try ‘sleep’ on every mattresses for as long as I like (was lucky too, there’s no other customer at that time :) ). All the info that I requested was clearly and promptly provided.

I finally chose EB mattress not only for its comfort and support, but also like the cover design, which is made up of 2 separate pcs zipped together... easily removable and washable! Also sold by their 100 days free trial policy... as I’m pretty concerned with the risk of paying so much for something that may not be suitable for me.

So far got to sleep on my new bed for few days, all seems good and comfortable, loving it... except for the pillow, seems a little high for me. Good that I’ve got another free contour pillow... hopefully it’ll works.
Vincent Canouet
Good service and good product. They really do their best to accomodate customer needs.
Tiffany Cale
We bought three mattresses from European Bedding three years ago. We love the mattresses - you can't beat the quality - and European Bedding has provided attentive service throughout our dealings.
Sue Rajesh
After a long search for latex mattress we decided to go with EB. We got the king size heveya mattress. Though it was difficult to find the perfect firmness of the mattress for me & my husband but with the help of Jayashri we at last found the perfect one.

Honestly I should be giving EB a 4star cause they should have all different combination of firmness at their showroom so that customers can try them out all at once instead of the trial & error at home. Then why 5 star? It was Jayashri's excellent service that made us change our mind!! :)
DS Cool
They are specialized in Natural Latex Mattress. Staff is attentive and knowledgeable on their product.

The Natural Latex Mattress is as good as per description. The service is great and delivery staffs professional. After sales service is good. Very pleased.
Stanley Chan
The latex mattresses from European Bedding are lusciously comfortable and really set the body up for a night of deep, restful sleep. While this may sound like marketing speak, the product is backed up a fantastic team that delivered clear, objective advice on what to look out for, no pushy / sales message (unlike every other mattress sales person out there!). The delivery and installation was also meticulously coordinated. After sales was another highlight, they have a 30 day no-questions asked exchange policy; so when i felt i needed a slightly stiffer mattress, they quickly organised a swap to a brand new stiffer one which I am now 100% happy with. Absolutely recommended if you're looking for a great night's sleep :)
Vikram Manian
I was introduced to European Bedding (EB) by my partner Jayashri who works there. I had been using a spring coil mattress for the past decade, and it had recently started giving me low back pain as the mattress became less pliant over time. Moreover when sleeping in certain positions, I was able to clearly feel the springs of the mattress poking through, which I assumed to be normal with any mattress. However, during my visit to EB, I got to try the range of their bedding products and I was immediately impressed by the extraordinary comfort and support they offered. The concept of a full latex mattress without spring was completely new to me but I was able to feel the difference first-hand (you must try it to believe it!).

I have now replaced my spring coil mattress with an SG Single Belatex mattress paired with a Heveya Soft pillow from EB, and the difference I’ve experienced within just the past few days has been stark. My back pain has resolved completely and my sleep is more comfortable than ever before! Unlike other fabric covers I have tried previously, the ones from EB have not triggered my allergies either, which has been a great relief for me.

I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience with EB so far, and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for new bedding products.
Kenny Wong
Great customer service!! Charlotte was very patient and understanding. now the softness of the mattress is perfect for my back.
Suresh Kumar
My partner and I, we have been using spring mattresses for a long time and this is the first time we have tried a mattress that is made of organic latex. And I have to say, our sleep is much much better and we do not experience neck and back aches anymore.

The entire process of choosing and having the mattress delivered was very well taken care of, by the very efficient and patient Jayashri at EB. She is indeed a gem.

My partner and I, we absolutely love our purchase of the mattress and the pillows. We are glad we decided to pop into EB on one of the weekends Thanks so much European Bedding!
Ls Ong
It has been 2 months after I had made the purchase of organic latex king size mattress from EB. Tried out the mattress before I give a more relevant review at my end. I was greeted by Jayashri when I head down to the show room. She is helpful, spontaneous and patient to introduce us their products. Even after sales, she will write to me to get some feedback. No doubt, I am pleased with her services.

In terms of price, it is reasonable. Purchase of mattress comes with 2 free pillows similar to other brands. However other brands will give further discount (usually 10%) on the listed price which EB does not. That makes the deal of other brand seems more attractive. As hubby felt that the pillows are still not high enough for him, EB was willing to give out another pillow for free. Few days after the showroom visit, I would like to get the 4th pillow for my daughter and after some negotiation, the manager Thijs was willing to give us a discount on the 4th pillow. That does make up a little for the whole package.

What really trigger us to buy from EB is in fact not the price. One distinct feature is the design of the mattress which consist of 2 layers of latex and the best part is the mattress cover/protector is able to remove for washing. 2 layer design allow us to flip or rotate the mattress much easier and washable cover will be more hygiene/clean for someone who is sensitive to dust mite. A durable mattress can last for many years. Washable cover is a very brilliant design to me. One may opt for bamboo fibre cover which needs dry cleaning or cotton cover which one can wash with washing machine.

The delivery personnel were very professional. They will call to confirm the date and time of delivery. When fixing the mattress, they will make sure to sanitize the hands before handle your mattress. They will also help to dispose your old mattress if arranged beforehand. Overall, very pleasant experience with them as well.

As for the mattress, even we ordered the firm mattress, it still seems very soft as compared to our old mattress. We had back ache during the 1st week of usage. But after 2 months of adaptation, this is definitely a comfortable mattress to have. Firm pillow seems still too hard for me even after 2 months. Will recommend to get the soft pillow which feels more comfy. I have no regrets of buying this mattress and I am sure the review now are more realistic and sensible to readers/potential buyer. Hope you guys have wonderful experience as I do. So 4 stars for EB as I believed there are always rooms for improvement. Keep it up!
Rahul Kamath
I can’t say enough good things about European Bedding and Thijs. The showroom is beautiful and he’s very knowledgeable about his product and mattresses in general. We chose a medium firmness mattress and our first night at the new apartment was a dream. One of the most comfortable mattresses and pillows I’ve ever slept on. The service and follow-up has also been excellent.
Eason Neo
The mattress that Charlotte help us to decided on is the most comfortable one I had slept on so far. We had been sleeping very nicely since getting the new full latex mattress. We had never regret this purchase. Charlotte is very patient and helpful. From the time I first visited the showroom till order confirmation (10 months period), she was always very willing to provide the information and letting us try out the different mattresses. The product is great and the sales team is also great!
Mark Dembitz
Great service and fantastic product. We love the mattress more than we thought we would!

I'd highly recommend European Bedding for anyone looking for a new mattress!
Yunbing Tham
Went to the shop twice to try the mattresses, and both sales persons were equally friendly, helpful and patient.

The after sales service was great too. The delivery staff were also highly professional.

The quality of the mattress is worth the price, firm and supports my back very well. Highly recommended!
Gerald Chong
The staff of European Bedding was friendly and knowledgeable, with special thanks to Jayashri. We were given the opportunity to test the mattresses on 3 separate occasions before we finally made our decision. We finally went with a soft Heveya Natural mattress on a slatted bed base. It was comfortable from day 1. Our chronic back and shoulder pain have reduced. It is hard to see ourselves on another brand of mattress in the future.

Many thanks to all at European Bedding.
Yaron Klein
This is truly a great mattress!!! We were looking around for a good mattress and the reviews lead us to this little gem.

The experience was amazing and delivery was very quick and accurate.

I got no words to express my appreciation to Charlotte who just made our settle in to Singapore smoother.

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