Featured Customer Testimonials
Olga Grant
After getting the most terrible deal at Tempur Matrasses on Nassim Road, friends recommended us European Bedding. Even though their website said "open for appointments only" we walked in and were warmly received by Charlotte. Immediately we loved their showroom and our eyes fell on the BurgerBed from Ethnicraft. Charlotte made us test all the mattresses extensively and was very knowledgable.

We ended up buying the whole set of Burgerbed with medium organic latex mattresses (so comfy!). As we were leaving Singapore there was an issue of timing of delivery and despite being away on holiday in Bali, Charlotte kindly and patiently answered questions I still had when we had to move delivery dates because of condo rules.

The delivery crew was polite, a bit on the late side but still within the time frame, and quickly zipped the mattress together, leaving clear instructions. I was quite happy with their attitude and service. When our unassembled bed from Ethnicraft arrived in Japan, it turned out we had missing instructions and missing parts. Thijs from European Bedding was most helpful in emailing us the assembly instructions swiftly by .pdf and got Ethnicraft to take action on sending us the missing part (which they did swiftly).

All in all I am very impressed with the excellent service AND aftercare we received from European Bedding. We are very happy with our new mattress; after 8 years of waking up with a back ache, my husband now has no qualms. The cushions that came with the mattress are super comfortable. I happily recommend European Bedding Singapore for their products AND great service.


Roel Simons
We are very happy with the advice received by Thijs & Charlotte of European Bedding.

The unique modular system is perfect. We were very happy that we could adjust the firmness of the mattress after a trial period. Now we feel energized every morning.

It was the right decision to move from memory foam to a latex mattress. Thanks!


Caspar Schlickum
Fantastic product, and the team are brilliant. Super helpful, both during the process and after sale.

We bought two Heveya latex mattresses, and are very happy and would not hesitate recommending them.


Denis Li Zi Jun
At the beginning , we were looking for a traditional coil mattress. But after gone through many researches and mattress-hunting in show rooms, we never found a found a coil mattress that matches our needs.

Then we started to look for alternatives. At first, we were not familiar with the latex concept, and I was worried getting a synthetic latex, which basically is a chemical product made from the remains of oil refinery.

But after a bit research, I found two brands carries organic latex in Singapore, European bedding and dormiente. We visited both show rooms, to be fare they are comparable in products. But the services and experience is way better with European bedding. European bedding offers 100 day exchange, and Thijs was very patient with our inquiries. So we bought the heveya organic latex mattress. The characteristics of latex mattress is different from other mattress. It does make a difference in sleeping quality.


Oswald & Valerie Song
We have been looking for a mattress for our new home and we did some research through internet, we realised that for long term, latex mattress is actually what we are searching for and worth our investment.

Thijs was there with us and explain to us each of the individual mattress goodness at their showroom at Tiong Bahru. We even tried out their different firmness levels of mattress. Due to our needs are different, we managed to have customised firmness level of our mattress. With their premium adjustable slatted bed base, due to its flexibility, it was able to give us our back the proper support it needs, in harmony with our latex mattress.

Delivery guy is very careful and efficient when they carry out installation, Thijs on the other hand, provided us very good after sales service. If anyone would have to ask us about the mattress, with no budget constraints, we will definitely ask them to try latex mattress.


Ria De Haeck
I just moved to Singapore and as all expats, we needed to furnish a full home in very little time. We bought a new bed right away but my husband’s back was clearly suffering on this mattress. Then I heard about European Bedding. I went to their showroom at Tiong Bahru. What I found pleasant was that we could extensively try out the mattresses without being shy and that Thijs could do the explanation in Dutch.

My husband and I ended up buying the package deal of the EB Back Care Perfect Latex Mattress with the adjustable slatted bed base. We were very surprised that within one king size mattress; we could customize the densities so my husband and I can have our own preferred firmness. This was without extra charge!

We were also specifically looking for a slatted bed base for extra ventilation and because it’s easy to clean. The one at European Bedding is a flexible adjustable bed base, so my husband could make the slats on his backside even firmer for extra support.

We are very happy with our purchase and wish we heard about European Bedding before buying the other bed set. My husband is also relieved from the back pain he had on the other mattress.


Urs Palmieri
Very competent and helpful staff. They even changed the mattress type after we noticed we have a different preference after testing the new bed a few weeks. And most importantly, we love going to bed right now as the bed, slatted frame and pillows really improved our sleeping.

I definitely can recommend to buy at European Bedding.


Alexsander Perez
We are thoroughly enjoying our beds. You may recall, Alex has a firm one and I have a medium one. My daughter decided that she wants to bunk in with me leaving me with very little space and that was when we decided that we are getting another medium one! So right now (many would disapprove of our sleeping arrangements ?? ), we have three single beds with two mediums made into a king and my husband's firm side next to my side. We have a huge wall to wall bed, plenty of space for everyone to roll around!

Initially I was unsure if the medium suited me. So I slept on Alex's firm side and I woke up with a bad back. He however loves his firm mattress. And Safiyyah and I share lots of cuddles in our medium king bed. ??

Our beds are exactly what we were looking for and I'm glad we came in for the appointment with you. Thank you for taking all the time to explain to us about all the different mattresses and also letting us try the mattresses. The showroom is an awesome concept and never once you hurried us or even pressured us to make a purchase.

The mattress are not cheap but I would say the prices are quite comparable to other high end brands without all the commercial fuss. What makes it stand out are the 7 zones on the mattress and the adjustable slats and of course it's organic. ?? the price is totally worth it.

The delivery team was also very good. They used hand sanitiser before handling our mattress, called us in advance to let us know they are coming.

Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and I am happy to be contacted for any testimonial. Enjoy the holidays!


Justus Lay
I have always known the importance of a good night's sleep but felt that the bigger and well-known brands such as Sealy, Serta and the likes were overpriced due to marketing efforts and costs. In addition, I've read on the benefits of a latex mattress and was sold that I should be sleeping on one. Hence, I began my search for a full latex mattress, with what little understanding I've gathered online, there were only two brands that fitted the bill in Singapore - European Bedding and Getha. While Getha's pricing was a tad friendlier compared to European Bedding, I was eventually sold by the service rendered by Thijs, and not to mention the 30 days trial that was offered for me to get used to the mattress. After all, a test try at the stores were, in my opinion never accurate until you get the hours of sleep on the actual bed.

Aside from the service level rendered and the product itself, I would have to say that it is also the terms of purchase and for the very fact that Thijs did not judge us when we walked in to inquire helped us a lot in making our decision to purchase our Heveya mattress. Thijs was not pushy for sales and emphasized that we should test-try all the available mattresses before deciding, and even after closing the sale, he was friendly and helpful, not to mention he remembered us even though it was some time in between from when we last visited. In addition, I am sincerely grateful for the fact that despite Thijs being able to understand Chinese more than most Singaporeans, never once try to interrupt the conversation between my wife and I when we were discussing and deciding.

Overall, the reason why I chose to purchase the Heveya mattress from European Bedding, is having taken into account of my personal preference to the product offered at European Bedding all the way to the service rendered before, during and after sales. I have been on the mattress for more than a month now and have to say that I'm loving the mattress although I'm still looking for a suitable pillow with some neck support as the Heveya pillows were too soft.

While I would not be in a hurry to recommend the Heveya mattress, I would definitely recommend my friends to consider dropping by European Bedding, because I'm sure they'll also be able to find their preferred mattress from you guys.

PS: Would be awesome if you guys accepted American Express cards!  :)

Couldn't be happier with Thijs' service and our purchase! Thank you Thijs and European Bedding!


I had tried many types of mattresses, anything that you would possibly image. Finally I found Heveya organic latex mattress from European Bedding. It is supporting my shoulder, neck & back and is not too hard, not too soft. It is so comfortable that I feel like I sleep in the clouds. Normal mattress has a lot chemical on it. Your body will absorb the chemical during sleeping. That’s why I choose organic latex mattress, no more harmful chemical for me.

People spend almost one-third of lives in bed. Meaning the one-third of your life can affect the other two-third a lot. So a good mattress is very important.

The showroom is nice and private. It is only by appointment. I can slowly spend my time to choose my favorable mattress. The delivery was earlier than I expected. One of the staff also came together with the delivery people to ensure everything in order. I love the services of European bedding. Yes, money well spent and I certainly will recommend my friends too. It was a very pleasant shopping experience. I hope you all sleep well and have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Ri Chang
I bought the Heveya latex mattress and slated bed base after my mattress of 10 years finally gave out.

I have scoliosis and went around Singapore trying every possible brand of mattress that will support my spine and back comfortably, to no avail. Then I decided that since I've tried every brand possible in the department stores, that I'd give a boutique store like European Bedding a chance.

It was my first time ever on a latex mattress and I was immediately sold. The mattress contoured to my body, and the slatted bed base provided great support. My partner is also very much in love with our current bed. What really appealed to me was the fact that the mattress resisted sagging, a problem my previous mattress had after a while of use. And it's organic and eco-friendly. =D

Price wise, I'd say that if you were looking to splurge on a branded mattress anyways, you might as well give this one a try. It's worth every penny.


Cristina Olivan
My son has been having neck and shoulder ache in the past months and I figured that the problem might come from the pillows and mattress. I remembered that I saw a European Bedding advertisement in Expat Living last year and decided to give them a try. First we bought the latex pillow and my son liked it. So I bought an EB back care mattress for him. The mattress looks good and comfortable. The best thing is that it gives proper support so that my son's shoulder and neck pain were reduced. Whenever I was redecorating my second son's bedroom, it led me back to European Bedding where I purchased another European Single size.

European Bedding services have been excellent and accommodating every time. Compared to the showrooms in the malls, European Bedding's showroom is nice, cozy and private. I like how personal the sales service is. By making an appointment, the salesperson will really be there with you when selecting the right mattress. The delivery service is very discrete and clean.

I would definitely buy from them again and recommend them to my friends. I think I might stop by next month to buy some more pillows!


Jennifer, Lawyer
My previous mattress was more than 10 years old and since relocating to Singapore from the UK 3 years ago, I started to experience body ache and in particular quite severe back pain. After consulting with a specialist doctor, I was advised, amongst other things, to change my mattress and pillows. I then went on to do extensive research on which mattress to purchase taking into consideration that it will be another 10 years before I would want to change my mattress again. To my surprise, there were a lot of information about the health dangers of sleeping on a metal coiled or spring mattress. Independent and impartial reviews of all types of mattresses led me to ultimately decide on a natural organic latex mattress which uses 100% natural latex grown without pesticides or herbicides. Further research for such a latex mattress then led me originally to a company in Belgium and from there, to European Bedding in Singapore. EB seems to be the only company I currently know of in Singapore who source their natural organic latex mattresses from a well established and reputable Belgium company with all the necessary quality controls of Europe. I also very much like the fact that their mattress cover is made from environmental friendly bamboo fiber material and contains natural cotton-silk filling making it soft and luxurious. The cover is also removable and dry-cleanable making it possible to maintain better hygiene for my mattress.

Having tried all the mattresses of interests to me, I ultimately purchased the Heveya Natural Organic Latex mattress, European Queensize, firm. As a gesture of goodwill, I was gifted 2 latex pillows of my choice so I opted for the EB Plush Traditional latex pillow (for the hubby) and the EB Heveya Natural Organic soft pillow (for me).

Delivery was made on 7 Aug 2014 and I have had the opportunity to sleep on it for the past 2 weeks now. I am very pleased at this stage with the mattress and pillows. I feel that they give me great support for every part of my body. I am reluctant to shout at the top of the hill about how wonderful this mattress is at this point in time as it has only been 2 weeks. But it has been a very positive start. I feel extremely comfortable on it. There was absolutely no off gassing from the mattress or the pillows. It even looks beautiful, with super '7 comfort zones' for maximum spinal alignment support and comfort.

Once I came across European Bedding, it recommended that I contact them to make a private appointment for a viewing in their showroom. And as it turned out, their showroom was in a private old colonial house nearby Orchard area. I thought that was odd initially as most bed companies have a store somewhere inside a shopping mall or furniture warehouse. As soon as I turned up at the front door, I was greeted by Mr Sylvestian Yap (the General Manager). He was the only person I dealt with throughout my experience with EB. Once inside, I could see the logic of having a private colonial house as the setting for a mattress showroom. It felt right to view and try the mattresses within a 'home' environment. Once Sylvestian explained the benefits of an all natural organic latex mattress (and might I say, gratefully, without any of the usual heavy sales talk that one experiences in Singapore), I proceeded to bombard him with my many questions as I knew very little about latex mattresses. I also enquired into his company background as that was an issue important to me before departing with my hard earned money. I must say Sylvestian remained professional, polite and friendly at all times and answered all my questions openly and frankly, even the not so friendly questions. While EB itself is a relatively young company being only about 1-2 years old, it nevertheless sources its products from a well established and reputable Belgium company called Latexco. I gained more confidence in EB by the day as I subsequently conducted my research into Latexco and their products.

The delivery team was super efficient, polite and friendly as well. Sylvestian himself attended with his delivery team to personally see to it that everything was assembled properly and correctly. Prior to delivery, Sylvestian was also very considerate to send me regular updates on the progress of my shipment. My 3 months wait became 2 months wait so that was very much appreciated. However, my criticism (and the only one) remains that the wait of 2-3 months for one's mattress is too long. Understandably it all boils down to saving costs as EB is still a very young company. Let's hope it can be shortened in due course as business picks up. Other than that, sales and delivery services were fantastic. Thank you, everyone!


Inge & Dirk
We bought our double bed in Europe many years ago, and the old mattresses needed replacing urgently. Our original bed consisted of two separate slatted bottoms and two latex mattresses that could be zipped together. We needed an extra-long mattress for it, and we had the frame custom-made. We purchased the custom-made 18cm-thick latex mattresses from European Bedding. The mattresses have seven different zones, all adapted to the physiology of the back. The two of us prefer different levels of firmness,so buying two mattresses was ideal, and the cover is removable and washable, which is important in this hot climate.There are lots of good things to say about European Bedding, but the best is that you can try the beds and mattresses in a warm environment. They have a magnificent showroom in the Orchard belt, where you can spend an afternoon trying out the mattresses. Sylvestian and his team are extremely friendly and helpful with any kind of question or special request you might have. There was a complete team present to deliver the bed and the mattresses, and they also removed the old mattresses. If you’re not happy, you can ask for an exchange (within a certain time period),as they fully understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.