What Sorts Of Electrical Energy Are Flowing On Your Mattress?

Here, Steven Magee, author of the book "Toxic Electricity" tests a metal spring coil mattress to investigate the electrical energy flowing through it.
Metal coils are known to induce electromagnetic radiation. Such coils are present throughout a spring coil mattress. Steven Magee takes a look here for you at what types of voltages and frequencies of energy are in your spring coil mattress. View the video: you'll be shocked at just how many different voltages and frequencies are just flowing through your bed. Your body will be exposed to these when you're sleeping on this bed.
The aim of this experiment is to find out how many different types of electrical energy are flowing through a spring coil mattress. To do this, Steven Magee connects the mattress to an oscilloscope (a device used to measure electrical energy). He does this before and after turning on bedside lights and other electrical items in the room.
Before turning on bedside lights, the oscilloscope detects a small amount of 'background energy' in the mattress. But after turning on the bedside lights, this causes a lot more electromagnetic energy to flow through the mattress. In other words, the oscilloscope detects larger amounts of energy, and at many different frequencies. Therefore, the ordinary electrical energy floating around in your room caused by lighting becomes amplified by your metal coil mattresses. 
What this means for viewers
The many different frequencies of electrical energy flowing through your mattress are not likely to be good for your health. Certain types of electromagnetic radiation have been linked to certain types of cancers. 
If you are sleeping on a spring coil mattress then you are sleeping on electrical energy of many different types, as we just saw with the oscilloscope test. And it's not just one type of energy you are being exposed to, but many different frequencies.
To avoid this situation, simply use a mattress without any metal parts. A latex mattress is ideal, because it has no metal parts and happens to be extraordinarily comfortable. 
Remember, it is the metal in the spring coil mattress which is amplifying the electricity. If you take away the metal you will take away the electrical energy in your mattress. So if you want natural good health and a great sleeping environment, a latex mattress is an excellent choice.

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