EB adjustable slatted bed base provides better comfort & support

Your sleeping comfort does not only depend on your mattress, but also the combination of your mattress and bed base. Try our European Bedding latex mattress and adjustable slatted bed base combined!
Our bed base is made of flexible beech wood slats that will work together with the mattress to provide your body superior comfort and optimal support. Both our bed base and mattress also come with different comfort zones to support every part of your body.
Ergonomically designed, the slatted bed base can be adjusted according to your preference. If you sleep with a partner, each side can be customised to cater to individual needs. Moreover, this will reduce partner disturbance so you get a better sleep every night.
Besides giving great support, slatted bed base also provides better ventilation for your mattress which is particularly suitable for hot climate places like Singapore.

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