European Bedding Popup at Forum

European Bedding - Heveya Sheets

Everybody needs a well rested night to function well. Therefore, it's important to make your bedroom a sanctuary where your body and mind can fully rest.

EUROPEAN BEDDING believes that sleeping surrounded by natural materials will bring you better sleep and health. That is why we specialize in natural organic latex mattresses, adjustable slatted bed bases and accessories (pillows & bedsheets), all made of natural and sustainable materials.

Heveya mattresses and pillows are made of 100% natural organic latex. The inherent elasticity of latex delivers a wonderful sense of comfort and support. Furthermore, it is perfect for Singapore’s humid weather as latex is breathable and naturally mould/dust-mite resistant. Together with removable covers for easy cleaning, Heveya promises you a comfortable and safe sleep.

Don't need a new bed yet? We proudly present Heveya bamboo sheets, the newest addition to our bedding products. Made of 100% organic bamboo lyocell, these soft and breathable sheets quickly became a best seller! Bamboo sheets feel incredibly luxurious as these sheets have unique silky smooth and soft feathery texture similar to silk. The bamboo fibre is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. It’s extremely breathable and wicks away moisture to keep you dry, cool and comfortable. It’s an excellent choice for the warm Singapore weather.

EB pop-up at Forum Orchard

From August 20th until 26th, you can find our pop-up shop at Forum The Shopping Mall in Orchard. Drop by and try our best selling Heveya natural organic latex mattress III. A special deal awaits when you purchase this plush mattress with UOB card. Receive 2 complimentary natural organic latex pillows and a Heveya Bamboo Sheets Dream Package!